Guruji, do you need a Guru to awaken your Kundalini Shakti? And once awakened how long can its rise be sustained?

To awaken the Kundalini Shakti, it is absolutely necessary to consult someone who is capable of awakening it within you. In whatever area of study, you may take up, it is always recommended that you take assistance from a teacher or Guru.

So also, is the case with Kundalini Shakti awakening. Once the Shakti is awakened, the Shakti itself becomes your teacher, guiding you from within. It will continue to guide you till you reach the stage of perfection. Finally, at the end of your journey, you will yourself realise that you are perfect, and that you were always perfect. In other words, the Guru awakens your Shakti and then the Shakti shows you your perfection.

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