Guruji on our Divine Goumata

Dear children, I take this opportunity to express my deep concern to you the plight of our Goumata the unique varieties of our Indian cattle sent to Earth to nurture us endlessly. You strive very hard to keep your human mothers in the best of comforts. You know how fortunate you have been to have a mother in your lives. Even when she is old and unproductive, you find her to be the most precious form on Earth. So, what about your Goumata who provides you with a life-time supply of milk, whose products and by-products serve you and your family for an entire life-time? Right from the tilling of fields to the providing of manure, milk and medicinal urine, our cows and bullocks have been serving us.

According to Bhagavat Gita, Krishna told his cousin Uddhava that worshiping the cow is equal to worshiping Him. By drinking the pure Indian cow’s milk, our ‘satvik’ nature is increased. The Skanda Purana says that “One can demolish all his sinful acts by simply offering respect to the cows”. Thus, by serving and protecting the cows, we can get rid of our ‘prarabda’ and awaken the divinity within us. By worshipping the cow and drinking its milk, the human body is filled with divine consciousness.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have considered cow-milk as the perfect food of nature. Our pure ‘desi’ cow-milk contains high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, etc. and its daily consumption provides complete nutrition to human beings. Almost 95 percent of cow-milk proteins contain caseins and whey proteins. Among caseins, beta casein is an important source of nutrients and the A2 form of genes in the beta casein proteins is the healthy form of beta casein protein. Due to reasons unknown, some mutations took place centuries ago, causing the rise of the A1 form of genes in beta casein proteins of most ‘exotic’ foreign breeds of cattle.

Studies conducted on both our Indian breeds and on the ‘exotic’ foreign breeds of cows have revealed that A1 form of gene is mostly frequent in the exotic hump-less varieties of imported cows like the Holstein, certain types of Jersey, and such other breeds. Consumption of the A1 form of beta casein protein through milk of these foreign breeds of cows, promotes ill-health in our minds and bodies. Our Indian breeds of cattle carry only the A2 form of gene of beta-casein protein, and therefore only the healthy milk produced by the Indian breeds should be taken.

Some of you are well aware of the importance of our ‘desi’ cows. However, there are many who live in various places in India and abroad, whose only idea of milk is obtaining it from the home-delivered packets or from the milk procured from markets. Cows – the real source of milk – are rarely even thought of. Today, due to the supply of milk through polythene bags and packets, most people are unaware of the quality of milk that is being consumed or the importance of drinking the right kind of cow-milk for ensuring the healthy future of our children and society.

Our ashram has taken up the mission of contributing towards the sacred cause of educating the masses of India, and the World, about the importance of drinking the A2 type of cow-milk derived from our pure Indian breeds of cows.

We aim to caution all those who are unaware about the dangers of consuming the A1 type of cow-milk – milked from Holstein, certain Jersey-types, and other ‘exotic’ breeds of cows – that eventually leads to mental and physical illnesses. Our major short-term goals are to achieve milestones in creating awareness amongst the masses, and to promote the breeding and conservation of the pure Indian breeds of cattle that have almost become extinct.

Towards this charitable cause, we have initiated a captivating dance drama performance “Vishwamata Goumata” by a team of professional artistes who have dedicated themselves to this cause. The dance drama troupe has already conducted 20 shows in various parts of South India and are now moving towards the North. Our endeavour is to complete the short-term target of 108 shows all over India.

I earnestly request all our Dhyanabandhus to participate whole-heartedly in this noble venture, in whatever capacity you may be capable of. Your contribution and presence are much desired towards this endeavour. It will certainly speed-up the process of conducting the maximum number of widely attended shows. Bring forth your ‘show of strength’ towards achieving of our desired goal of “creating awareness amongst the masses, and promoting the breeding and conservation of more and more varieties of these divine beings – our pure Indian breeds of cattle.”

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