Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji, what is the cause for fear and worries?

Doing needless things or not doing things that are necessary, lead to fear and worries. Most human beings run after wealth. When a man is greedy, and cheats his friends or relatives or others to accumulate wealth, he is doing that which should not be done. He then lives a life of deception, thereby creating fear and worry for himself. Also, to take the example of students, when some students who are given homework by their teacher, do not complete it and escape by telling lies, they live in fear of getting caught by the teacher. Some get punished for the work that is not done. Likewise, God also punishes us for our wrong deeds. God is more intelligent and efficient too. Then why should we fear? Assuming that we are the doer is false. Everything is done by God. The one who surrenders completely to God is free from fear and leads a peaceful life.

Worries are most dangerous. There is not much difference between ‘worries’ and funeral pyre (a pile of wood to burn the dead body). The funeral pyre burns from outside while worries burn us from inside. Worry is the main cause for illness in our ethereal body and it may even lead to cancer. So worries are more dangerous than a funeral pyre. There is only one way to get rid of worries; and that is to surrender everything to God. Bhakti, meditation and intellect will help us lead such a life of total surrender. Hence, it is important that we should all cultivate the habit of meditation.

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