Guruji, how can we be involved only with ourselves and our happiness, when there are hundreds and thousands of people living in poverty and misery?

Our Himalayan tradition advises spiritual practices to be practiced only under the guidance of a Guru. When the Guru initiates a disciple into the practices, it signifies an undertaking to guide and monitor his or her spiritual progress. It then becomes safe for the disciple to advance rapidly on the path. With proper guidance, the disciple’s interest and liking for meditation is also kindled.

When spiritual practices are not monitored by the Guru, there are chances of the disciple experiencing disturbances of the mind, due to certain samskaras of the past – mental thoughts of many lifetimes. That may rise to inconvenience during the spiritual practice. It is very rare that the sadhaka succeeds in spiritual practices without any guidance from the Guru altogether. Also, the very basis of our Indian tradition states that any learning without the guidance of a Guru, is incomplete.

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