Guruji, can I be ambitious, competitive, and still be happy?

Inner happiness is something that happens automatically. We live in a competitive world, and children are taught this way right from school days. Children are generally happy, but we make them unhappy by teaching them to be competitive, to excel in their studies, games, art, etc. We teach them to be ambitious. We do not allow them to flower, instead we impose our will on them. And no matter how good they are in their activities, we tell them ‘you must do better… you can do it… you must do it…. see how he or she is doing so well…etc’. So, the joyful activity becomes stressful activity… and the inner happiness is lost.

The same is the case with adults. Each one is born with different samskaras, capabilities, and goals to achieve. Yet we are made to follow the trend. When we achieve, we may be happy outwardly. But the inner joy is lost due to the stressful situations that we encounter on account of competitiveness and ambition.

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