Guruji Should I be Ambitious or Contended in Life?

Always remember that contentment is a ‘satvik’ quality and can never make a person idle or lazy. When you start feeling contented with life, you start moving towards God. Deep within us there is a yearning for the spiritual path. This is a path which has simplicity, gratitude, equanimity, living in the present, and freedom from desires. Contentment always comes with spiritual maturity. It is not achieved in one single transformative moment. It is something that is identified by us over a period of time, and nurtured every single day of our lives.

Contented makes your mind strong and peaceful. It does not allow you to make any unnecessary and selfish exertions. It makes you turn inwards. You will notice that the energy required for fulfilling your ambitions, will be diverted towards your spiritual progress. A person who is contented is full of ‘sattva’. He is able to accomplish more work in a calm manner, and with single-pointedness. He is also no longer running after material progress, or name or fame. Experiencing a feeling of contentment is a concrete step towards spiritual path. So, do not be confused, because you are well on the path of spirituality.

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