Guruji, I always feel so miserable but there is no specific reason for it. Please help me to remove this misery which seems to be with me always.

First try to find out the cause for your misery. There must be some cause – some thought or event which makes you feel sad. Identify the cause, and you will find that it is some event that has already passed by, or something that may happen in the future. Once you identify the cause, you will find that in some way or the other, you are yourself responsible for your misery. Normally, most people feel that others are responsible for their misery, but it is not so. Neither misery nor happiness can come from others. So, it is only you who can remove the cause of your misery. If you remove the cause, then the misery will also disappear.

Stop thinking of things that have caused you unhappiness in the past. Think of all the good things in your life that have made you happy. Stop clinging to events or things that cause pain or agony. Difficult situations do not always lead to misery. Try to be in the company of happy people. Happiness and joy is a natural tendency given to human beings by God. Start cultivating happiness, consciously.

Sometimes, you will notice that we have a tendency to be miserable because such a state helps us gain the sympathy and attention of others. You must have noticed that when a wife is miserable, the husband goes all out to please her. He cajoles her, making her feel loved and wanted. Friends become more tender and caring when they see you in misery and you get special attention. This tendency to have others catering to your whims and fancies, can sometimes become a habit.

Meditation is a medicine that can help you to relieve your feeling of being miserable. It trains the mind to become aware of the silent witness within you.
Meditation helps in taking you inwards towards your inner being. It also helps in bringing to the surface any old wounds, painful memories, and other factors that cause the feeling of misery.

Discipline yourself to meditate for a few minutes each day. Do a simple breathing meditation for about ten minutes, twice or thrice a day. You will observe a feeling of relief thereafter. Practise happiness, no matter what your situation is. Happiness is the light that can dispel the darkness of misery. Practise of happiness will then become a habit with you, and you will find that cultivating happiness is the only way to remove the misery, which you feel surrounds you at all times.

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