Guruji on Abdul Kalam

Dear Dhyanabandhus,

Abdul Kalam, the ex-president of our country and a scientist, who resides in our hearts, best known for his humility, says, “Children are our greatest wealth, every child born in the nation should be allowed to blossom. Encompassing the needs, rights and expectations of youth to the center stage of development should be our priority”.

“Children and youth are the picture of a nation’s future. If their energies are properly channeled, they will unleash a momentum that would propel the nation on the track to spiritual development, in all aspects of doing, yet being in every field of growth may it be Science, Technology, Agriculture, Indian dance and Music, Preserving the Indian Heritage and so on. The youth has a burning desire to scale greater heights. If India is to become developed by 2020, it will do so only by riding on the shoulders of the young. And the elderly [older than the younger lot] will be of a great support provided they carry a purity of mind all the time”.

-Abdul Kalam

It is this purity which will bring an ambience of harmony, within and without. Purification of the mind is possible only through the practice of dhyana, every single day of our life. This is what our loving Guruji has been teaching us ever since the inception of this ashram. Guruji has always led us by example. He has been ceaselessly encouraging us to practice Yogasana, Dhyana and Music, through which one can attain purity of the mind. Attaining this purity of mind may or may not be difficult for the ones who wish to do so, however, maintaining it all through life is the real challenge. The most important factor besides all this is, learning and remembering to be humble always.

Let us all give it a thought: how best or what best can each one of us do to contribute our might towards making India proud of our existence in her land. Every drop in the ocean counts. Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean. Similarly, every good thought from each and every one of us, will lead us towards transformation into an Ocean of Bliss.

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