What is goumutra arka ?

Gomutra Arka or Gou Arka or cow urine ark is processed Gomutra.  Cow urine or Gomutra is a popular product of cows put into multiple uses, though generated as a waste by the animal. Fresh Gomutra is hot, pungent and piercing in nature with a salty taste. The unique combination of minerals, salts, enzymes, hormones and metallic elements present in Gomutra make it a special bioactive product, capable of influencing cellular and organ levels of reactions and processes in human body. The science of Ayurveda had discovered and recognized these activities of Gomutra since centuries and made potential uses out of it. Generally, the cow urine is collected in the early morning and used for Gou Ark preparation. The collected Gomutra is poured into an  Arka Yantra or distillation apparatus and heated to boil. When it starts boiling, the vapors get condensed and collected in a receiver. This distilled Gomutra is called Gomutra ark and is allowed to cool to the room temperature. After cooling the Gou Arka is bottled in air tight containers and packed for sale. For all safety reasons, formal Ayurveda recommends the use of Gou Arka for oral intake. Raw cow urine though used for oral intake, it should be fresh and within 10 to 15 minutes of collection from the cow. Storing of Gomutra more than one hour is not advisable for oral consumption.

Goumutra Arka Uses

Gomutra Arka uses are plenty and can be broadly identified under four categories like medicinal, agricultural, ritualistic and general cleansing purposes. Of these, Gau Ark benefits as medicine are extensively made use since centuries especially in India. Myanmar and Nigeria are the other two countries who recognized Gou Ark uses since ancient times. Health benefits of Gou Ark are harnessed as preventive medicine, supplementary medicine and as a toning agent of the immune system to build general health and vigor in patients facing immunological disorders. Gou ark benefits were not utilized to the full potential till recently.  However,  several individuals and organizations have made a silent revolution during recent years through the development and promotion of novel products from this humble resource, apart from medicinal formulations. A growing demand for the Gou Ark in the market is quite obvious with the rising market trend for the products and growing number of users as endorsed by the major brands like the Patanjali. The cow ark is eco-friendly, easy to access, and can be used for multiple purposes. Currently, the list of Gomutra Ark uses runs up to more than a dozen on several fronts of human interests.

Gomutra Arka is added as an ingredient in several medicinal formulations of Ayurveda apart from its direct use as medicine. Dozens of ayurvedic formulations for topical application, oral consumption make use of Gou Ark as an ingredient or as a supplement along with other herbal ingredients for the treatment of ulcers, tumors, edema, skin disorders, leprosy, infectious diseases, intestinal disorders, respiratory diseases, etc. The modern discoveries made on the medicinal properties of Gou Ark have revealed its status as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for antibacterial and anticancer drugs endorsed through US patents. The Present-day practitioners of Ayurveda have endorsed the use of cow urine based formulations for the cure of wide-ranging disorders like peptic ulcer, different types of cancers, liver disorders, asthma, diabetes, AIDS and many other ailments.

Panchagavya is one of the common formulation derived from Gomutra and used extensively in the ancient and modern Ayurveda as well as Cowpathy. This has been confirmed with healing powers against many chronic disorders like diabetes. Many healers and patients are confirming the fact that use of Panchagavya has complemented the diabetes treatment and better control of blood sugar and enabled the patients to reduce the dose of allopathic medicine. Interaction with practitioners of Cowpathy revealed the fact that there are hundreds of regular users Panchagavya and Gou Arka for different ailments. The Healthcare Foundation of India vouches for improvement in the diabetes control among its considerably large patient community, with 85% confirming positive changes in their diabetic condition and general health. The antidiabetic activity of Gou Ark needs further promotion and publicity since India today has been considered as one of the largest markets for insulin and other antidiabetic drugs and nutraceuticals. This move would act as a game changer in the pharma trade of the entire world, with India commanding a control over the drug market.

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