Gou Ark Benefits

Gou Ark is purified form of Gomutra prepared by distillation and condensation of the urine of the cow. Gou ark benefits are plenty. Generally, the Gou Arka is prepared from the cow urine collected in the morning.  While collecting the initial and last parts of the urine discharged are left out and only the middle part of the discharge is used for Gou Arka preparation.  The Gomutra collected from the cow is poured into an  Arka Yantra or distillation apparatus and heated to boiling. The vapors of boiling Gomutra are condensed and collected in a collecting chamber. The Arka Yantra is a conventional distillation unit used in the manufacturing of ayurvedic formulations. This distilled Gomutra is called Gou Arka and is cooled to the room temperature. After cooling the Gou Arka is bottled in air tight containers and packed for future use.

Gou ark benefits are wide and multiple and involve different aspects of human activities like health care, hygiene, cosmetics, and so on. However, application of Gou Arka as medicine is the most prominent and widely accepted practice among all its uses.  Regular intake of Gou Arka provides effective immunity against viral infections ranging from common cold to asthma and hence considered as one of the broad spectrum preventive medicine, in Cowpathy and Ayurveda. Gou ark benefits as supplementary medicine are widely accepted among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, radio therapy, etc.  Oral intake of Gou Arka has been reported improving the general well being of the patients and minimizing the hazardous side effects of the mainstream therapies. Immunomodulatory effects of Gou Arka have made it a common popular medicine for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. chronic disorders like asthma, arthritis, psoriasis,  etc. are some of the common autoimmune conditions treated with Gou Arka.

The Gou Arka benefits in supplementary, preventive and immunomodulatory treatment options have been proved beyond doubt and endorsed by the growing number of users and increased market demand for this product. In the future, Gou Arka may find a reliable role in the tertiary care of chronic patients, due to its holistic healing powers.In addition to its specific therapeutic applications,  Gou Arka benefits include quite a good number of general health improvement properties. The Gou Arka helps to improve digestion, avoids constipation, enhances intellectual performance, helps in detoxification of body systems, avoids anemia and  obesity, minimizes intestinal parasites, etc.

Gou Arka is used as an ingredient in several Ayurveda  medicinal formulations apart from its direct use as medicine. Plenty of ayurvedic formulations for topical application and oral consumption make use of Gou Arka as an ingredient or as a supplement along with other herbal components for the treatment of ulcers, tumors, edema, skin disorders, leprosy, infectious diseases, intestinal disorders, respiratory diseases, etc. Gou ark components  have received the status as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) for antibacterial and anticancer drugs and endorsed through US patents.  The contemporary practitioners of Ayurveda have endorsed Gou ark benefits for the cure of wide-ranging disorders like peptic ulcer, different types of cancers, liver disorders, asthma, diabetes, AIDS and many other ailments. Panchagavya is another common formulation derived from Gou Arka or fresh Gomutra  and used extensively in the ancient and modern Ayurveda as well as Cowpathy. This has been confirmed with healing powers against many chronic disorders like diabetes. Many healers and patients have confirmed the fact that use of Panchagavya has complemented the diabetes treatment and better control of blood sugar of the patients to the extent of enabling the patients to reduce the dose of allopathic medicine for diabetes. Interaction with practitioners of Cowpathy has revealed the fact that there are hundreds of regular users of Panchagavya and Gou Arka for different ailments. The Healthcare Foundation of India vouches for improvement in the diabetes control among 85% of its considerably large patient community, confirming positive changes in their diabetic condition and general health. The antidiabetic activity of Gou Arka needs further promotion and publicity since India today has been considered as one of the largest markets for insulin and other antidiabetic drugs and nutraceuticals. This move would act as a game changer in the pharma trade of the entire world, with India commanding a control over the antidiabetic drug market.

Cowpathy enjoys pan-India network with lakhs of users and thousands of success stories of healing of condemned patients suffering from terminal illness due to cancer, AIDS, etc.  The medicinal superiority of the urine of Indian cow breeds in comparison with urine of  cows from other parts of the world has been confirmed scientifically and this has enhanced the demand as well as the price of Indian cow urine to greater heights during the last few decades. Today the Indian cow urine exports have turned into multi crore business. This has enabled hundreds cow farmers to attain better life and  brought hopes in the lives of lakhs of patients across the world.

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