Gomutra Therapy for Kidney

Gomutra is considered as an elixir in Ayurveda and used as medicine, a purifying agent, spiritual purposes, as a cleansing agent of the body and soul, and so on. This is the essential part of every Hindu ritual since ancient time. Gomutra uses in Ayurveda includes treatment of a wide range of diseases and disorders. It contains more than twenty different salts. Gomutra Therapy is recommended by Ayurveda for the treatment of skin diseases like itching, eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, acne, etc. Uses of Gomutra in Ayurveda for the treatment of abdominal disorders, heart ailments, Vata Rog, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases like tuberculosis, etc. It contains Swarn Kshar (Aurum hydroxide), urea, phenols, creatinine, carbolic acid, manganese, and calcium. Gomutra has very strong antimicrobial and germicidal activities. The uric acid and allantoin present in Gomutra gives it anticancer and wound healing properties. The Swarn Kshar helps in boosting the immunity of the human body.

High concentration of nitrogen present in Gomutra imparts a renal stimulant property. Uric acid, hippuric acid, and phosphates present in the Gomutra give it diuretic property. This helps in the success of Gomutra therapy in the treatment of kidney stones and kidney failure. The presence of copper and calcium make Gomutra as a successful anti-obesity and skeletal and bone health effect. Aurum hydroxide and copper act as antidotes and hence act as an antidote for poisoning. Oral administration Gomutra lowers cholesterol, enhances memory, and delays aging processes. It tones up the functioning of the liver and improves brain power and functioning of the heart. It facilitates removal of poisonous residues.

Kidneys are a pair of bean shaped organs lying on either side of the backbone on the lower part of the abdomen. They are the principal excretory organs of human body and meant for processing elimination of waste materials generated during food processing and assimilation. Kidneys are essential for keeping the body healthy. Kidney functioning is complex and they get exposed to toxins from various sources during their functioning. This leads to poisoning of the kidneys which may result in a chronic condition of inadequate kidney function, popularly known as ‘kidney failure’ or ‘renal failure’. This is a serious problem throughout the world and causing millions of death annually.  Kidney stones or the formation of calcium salt crystals in the kidney or other parts of the urinary system are another common ill-health associated with the kidneys. Like in the case of many other ailments, Gomutra therapy has found immensely useful in treating kidney related ailments.

Chronic renal failure can be due to different reasons, but exhibit some common symptoms like nausea, vomiting, difficulty in urinating, vomiting, etc. Many Ayurvedic formulations have been found useful in treating chronic renal failure. Gomutra benefits in the treatment of chronic ailments and dysfunctions of the kidney are reported by some Cowpathy practitioners. According to the Jain’s cow urine clinic, 88.63% of kidney patients have improved their health with respect to the kidney related ailments of different types. The Gomutra benefits for kidney endorsed by the patients who underwent Gomutra therapy include regulation of serum creatinine and urea levels, swelling and suffering and avoiding the risks of secondary levels of damage.  The extent of relief ranged from partial to a full reversal of the kidney damage, lowering the frequency of dialysis, and reduction in the risk of death from cardiovascular complications.

Kidney Stones or Urinary Stones are another common disease associated with kidneys and prevalent in the population. Kidney stones are crystals of calcium phosphates or oxalates formed  primarily in the kidney and later enter other parts of urinary tract such as the  ureter, urinary bladder etc. In some cases the crystals get slowly dissolved or dislodged and come down. During this process, they become lodged in a narrow part of the tract, causing excruciating pain. Go ark as well as Gomutra are considered as prescribed remedies for kidney stones in Cowpathy and Ayurveda. Oral intake of fresh Gomutra in empty stomach during early morning for three weeks is recommended for removal of kidney stones. The uric acid present in cow urine dissolves the crystals formed in the kidney and urinary tract to a manageable size, and disposal during urination.

Many cases of kidney failure are due to the prolonged medication of other chronic diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disorders, blood pressure, asthma, etc. The innate capability of Gomutra as a detoxifier of the blood  enables reversal of kidney function in such patients. Gomutra therapy boosts the liver function and enables purification of blood. This improves general immunity of the body.

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