Gomutra Products

Gomutra is an elixir with multiple utilities and amazing healing powers. Gomutra products are wide ranging and novel products get added to the list as the science and society both realizing the potential of this unique resource. Panchagavya, Gou ark and combinations of these with different herbal components were in wide use in the traditional Ayurveda since ancient times in India. However, new applications and products derived from Gomutra are entering the market during recent times. The Gomutra products range can be classified into five broad categories such as health care, cosmetic, hygiene, agriculture, and ritual.

Gomutra products for health care comprise traditional ayurvedic formulations for oral intake, topical application pain balm, nasal drops, and a wide range of herbal formulations containing Gomutra, Gou ark or Panchagavya as one of the ingredients. Gomutra Haritaki for the treatment of mouth diseases, Thriphalaguggulkalpa tablets, Gomutra Rasayan tablets, etc.  are some of the examples of such products. Now-a-days gou ark as such is used as a popular preventive medicine for various diseases and as an enhancer of general fitness. Several cosmetic products like the face pack, face wash, creams, and lotions are being promoted for skin and beauty care. Personal and home care products are another new addition to Gomutra products. Shampoos, soaps and floor cleaning lotions have already entered the market and gained public acceptance to a notable extent despite resistance from some consumers and other elements of the society.

Gomutra products for agriculture are emerging as a new product category and also enjoy better public mandate when compared to the health care, cosmetic and hygiene products, thanks to the growing awareness of the hazards of agrochemicals and safe food among the general public. Gomutra is proved as an enhancer of the resistance of plants against a variety of plant pathogens like viruses, mycoplasma bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and insects. Cultivated plants are affected by these diseases and hence prevention and control of such diseases and parasites are crucial. Fermented Gomutra, Panchagavya and Gomutra formulated with herbal components are branded as organic plant care products for the treatment of plant diseases and warding off the pests attacking them. Different formulations of biopesticides derived from Gomutra are available in the market as local or branded products. In addition to this, the Gomutra as such or in the form of Panchagavya is widely used as an enhancer of soil fertility. The nurturing effect of these products on useful soil bacteria enhances their activity and bring about better plant growth and higher crop yield. Organic farming, the upcoming and eco-friendly farming trend has endorsed cow urine-based products. Today the popularity of these products is more in the enthusiastic and forward thinking traditional farmers as well as the growing population of urban farmers.

The use of  Gomutra for the Hindu rituals has an ancient history. But the extent of use was limited only to Panchagavya as a cleansing agent. But new products like incense sticks, dhoop, etc. derived from cow urine have entered the Pooja rooms of homes now. According to a web report, about half-a dozen companies are pushing hard to launch a wide range of Gomutra products. Komayam, a branded cow urine drink from the urine of virgin Indian cows, beauty and grooming products for men and women like creams and facepacks, soft drinks, floor cleaner liquid,  tooth powder, etc. represent some of the novel products in the pipeline from different brands. Currently, cow urine enjoys a billion USD market and has brought fortune for lakhs of cattle farmers, entrepreneurs, and practitioners of Cowpathy and Ayurveda.  The major challenge lies in removing the bad smell of the urine and make it more appealing to the consumers. Few start-ups have claimed success in this aspect also and taking forward the success story of the holy Gomutra.

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