Gomutra Gold

About Gomutra

Gomutra is the Sanskrit term for cow urine. The cows produce an average of 13 L of urine per day. It ranks second in terms of demand for cow products, next to the milk. Gomutra has multiple uses. Conventionally, this was used as a purifier of the body, mind, and soul when incorporated into a formulation called Panchagavya, used in Hindu religious rites. Another important application of Gomutra, popular since historical times is its application in agriculture as a manure.  The last couple of decades have seen a revolution in cow farming in India with the advent of Cowpathy, the science and art of application of cow products for healing purpose. Gomutra leads the medicinal products of cow origin and proved to be a potential cure for several challenging human diseases including cancer and AIDS.  This has elevated the status of humble cow urine to “Gomutra Gold”.

Gold in Gomutra and Gomutra Gold

It is one of the largest products of the cow in terms of use and commercial value. The modern science of Cowpathy has discovered many more applications of Gomutra other than the conventional uses.  The therapeutic, cosmetic and purifying activities of cow urine have been confirmed time and again by traditional knowledge and modern science. Similar to the milk, the urine of Indian cows also proved to be superior with hormones, enzymes, and rare minerals including Gold salt. The Indian cow breeds have a unique vein called SuryaKethu Nadi running through their backbone and this is capable of producing gold salts by absorbing energy from the Sun, moon and other luminaries of the Universe and the gold salts will be present in the blood, milk, urine and other body fluids of these cow breeds. Interestingly, the presence of Aurum Hydroxide, a gold salt in urine has been confirmed by Junagad Research Institute through modern analytical techniques, providing scientific evidence to the belief.  The diverse food and feeding habits of Indian cow breeds, their resilience to environmental stress, food scarcity and resistance towards pathogens make them exceptional.

The Golden-Yellow color, invaluable utilities, and unique chemistry with rare mineral and nutrient composition of the cow urine including gold salt make it highly sought after product. Today it has succeeded as a  purifier of the body and soul, as a medicine with miraculous curative and preventive properties, and as a wonderful manure and protective agent for plants have raised its status to GOMUTRA GOLD.

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