Guruji, when we carry out the instructions of the Guru, and ensure that we practise the spiritual discipline set by the Guru, we tend to feel a sense of importance vis-à-vis those who do not abide by the advised spiritual practices. We then, either set out to advise the other person/s, or unconsciously feel proud of our own status. How can we get rid of this unconscious negativity that creeps in from time to time?

This is a common occurrence amongst the sadhaks who start out on their spiritual quest. What is our importance or sense of pride? Our true greatness lies in realising our most humble status in God’s world, where we are just infants before God and Guru, ready to set out on the path of spirituality. We can only follow the instructions of God and Guru.

It is important to keep examining our inner selves as an ongoing process. It is our primary duty to practise humility at all times, to remember how small a being we are in this vast Universe. Any kind of feeling of superiority of this kind would be self-deception and hypocrisy, and it would be opposite to the principles of the spiritual sadhana you are seeking to achieve. A spiritual sadhak has no importance at all. There should be no feeling of ‘doership’ at all. All importance should be transferred to God and Guru. The Guru is God Himself who has manifested in a personal form to guide the sadhak.

Every person should undertake spiritual practices for the purpose of self-realisation because that is the goal of this human life. However, each person takes up sadhana according to his or her preparedness for the same. It is alright to communicate to another about the benefits of undertaking spiritual practices, but it is only the Guru who is authorized to impart the required training.

As one continues with one’s spiritual practice, it will be observed that one by one, all the negativity that one assumes one has, drops away. The very fact that one has realized that the feeling of a sense of importance is a negative trait, shows that one is on the path to reformation. As spiritual practices intensify, the sadhak finds himself or herself becoming loving and compassionate, more and more.

When one is filled with only love and compassion then there is only humility within oneself. There are no comparisons or judgements. There is only love, compassion and service. With complete dedication and with the Guru’s guidance, it is easy to achieve such a state of existence. May you succeed on your path of spirituality.

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