How to get rid of fear of death?

Death is the cause of every fear. When we come across a cobra, naturally we are filled with fear. This is because the very bite of cobra will kill us. Likewise, when we are on the top of a 20-storied building, we are unable to look down due to fear of death. So also, we get hundreds of examples of fear of death. A person, who knows the real meaning of death, will never suffer from the fear of death.

Now think, who is dying? None of us will ever die. We only leave the body. People around the dead body, the onlookers, feel that the person is dead. But this is not true.

Leaving this body the person may go to another body for life. This travel will continue lifetime after lifetime and it is not a real death. It is only a travel. We call this process of changing of body as death, which is not true. The fear of death is only for the onlookers and not for the dead. Reason for this fear is relationship with the body. Once it is understood that there is no death, where would the fear of death be? It is only psychological and unreal.

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