Guruji, what is Gau Rochana? How is it used for the welfare of human beings?

Gau Rochana is considered Amrut (Divine Nectar). It is produced in the horns of the Kapila. It is also found in the bones of Indian breeds of cattle. However, the horns of the Kapila which are shed automatically every year or every two years contain about 95% Gau Rochana as compared to the about 5% found in the bones. Also, the milk of the Kamdhenu and Kapila contains Gau Rochana to the extent of about 3%. It is an Ayurvedic medicine and acts as a life-saving drug in a variety of illnesses. In case of a poisonous snake bite, the patient should immediately consume Gau-Rochana in the prescribed manner. Only then can the patient be taken to the hospital in a live condition. Gau Rochana is very effective in case of infections; also in case of skin irritations, diseases or boils, Gau-Rochana is administered effectively. For eliminating skin patches, Gau Rochana can be used as a skin pack.

The Kapila cow of age 6 years or above sheds its horn every year or every two years. Once the horn is shed, the Go-rochana present inside the horn can be extracted. The owner of a Kapila generally preserves the piece of horn as a medical item. When a cow is butchered/killed Gau-Rochana evaporates or vanishes. None of the Jersey or other hybrid cows can produce this precious Gau Rochana. Since the body of a hybrid cow does not contain any Gau-Rochana, its milk and milk products also have no medicinal value. Instead its milk is at times found to be malefic in character.

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