What is Gained by Practicing Meditation?

Meditation is the method of purifying your mind, intellect and consciousness. By practicing meditation, you will be able to gain access to the source of pure love within you. As you meditate, you will penetrate deeper and deeper into your inner self where dwells Pure Consciousness – Brahman – God. Through practicing meditation you gain access to God who is the embodiment of Love.

Human love is generally a product of the mind and fluctuates according to the emotions prevalent in the mind. However, during the meditation, love emanates directly from the inner self or ‘atma’ and is untainted by the mind or intellect. Pure love is the natural attribute of the inner self. When this love passes through the sieves of mind and intellect, it gets contaminated and gets biased and selfish

As you meditate, your awareness goes deeper and deeper into your inner consciousness. The ‘atma’ is covered with five sheaths – in this order – starting with the annamaya kosha (physical sheath), pranamaya kosha (vital sheath), manomaya kosha (mental sheath), vijnanamaya kosha (intellectual sheath), and the sheath of anandamaya kosha (bliss sheath).

During meditation, all the base koshas are purified and the awareness is able to come in contact with pure, untainted love. Pure love is all powerful and can vanquish every negative emotion. Pure love never makes distinctions on the basis of power, knowledge, emotions, age, sex, status, etc. Pure love does not demand and has no expectation.

A true meditator is able to love all fellow-beings and all of God’s creations. He or she has the ability to see the ‘atma’ dwelling in all, as one and the same ‘atma’. Even the non-reciprocation of love does not affect the true meditator. He or she simply loves and derives happiness from the very act of loving others as one’s own self. A true meditator naturally does activities that are beneficial to all without making a hue and cry about it. As one progresses steadily in meditation, one is able to penetrate the anandamaya kosha and bask in the glory of pure bliss that emanates within. This is the very quality that one shall gain from practicing meditation.

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