Guruji on Freedom

Freedom is the Essence of a Satisfied Life….

I am happy to live on this earth as a human being. I always try to remain in the present. Without giving any importance to yesterday or tomorrow, today I am happy and peaceful. I try to carry on with this peace, from moment to moment. While eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, or engaging myself in any other action, my consciousness dwells within my inner bliss / Ananda. This attitude keeps me in a state of love, peace and harmony.

This human life is a blessing from God. I expect nothing more from Creation, as I am fully satisfied with what I am today. I pray to God to bless everyone with the same state of love, peace and harmony. This is the Bhagavad Geeta, showered on me by the Creator. I request you to read this message every day, as soon as you wake up and also before going to bed at night. A satisfied soul will always be in bliss. Here, I would like to narrate a story:

Once there was an emperor who was riding a horse through a forest. He saw a young man sitting under a banyan tree and doing ‘tapas’. There was a river flowing by the side of the tree. The emperor drank some water from the river and then sat in front of the young man in order to observe his actions. However, even after several hours, the young man did not open his eyes. It was late in the afternoon and the emperor became impatient to leave the place. He called out to his guards loudly, thus awakening the young man from his meditation.

Seeing that the young man had opened his eyes, the emperor asked him his name. The young man replied, “I am Naag Sharma.”

The emperor then questioned, “Why are you doing ‘tapas’?”

The young man responded, “I am doing ‘tapas’ for the sake of self-realization.”

Hearing this, the emperor advised him, saying, “You are very young, you have to enjoy this life as a human being. By doing ‘tapas’, you are wasting your youthful energy, which nature has given to you as a boon.

The young man responded “I am fully satisfied with what God has given me. My final destination is only self-realization. That is the reason why I am here in this forest seeking salvation.”

The emperor then told him “I shall provide you with a small palace where you may sit and meditate. Also, I shall provide you with all facilities like food, attendants, etc. I find it difficult to see a young man like you suffering alone in a forest in my kingdom. There is danger from the wild animals here. Also, there could be thieves, demons, ghosts etc. to trouble you. There is no protection for you here, so do come with me, I shall take care of you.”

The young man refused. The emperor was annoyed at the refusal. He ordered his soldiers to carry the young man to his capital, the city of Pataliputra. The soldiers obeyed and the young man was lodged in a small palace with all facilities and was asked to meditate there. The emperor also engaged security guards to protect the young man. After a few days, the emperor paid a visit to Naag Sharma and found him crying with a sorrowful look on his face. Surprised at this, the emperor asked as to why he was unhappy despite all the comfort and facilities.

Naag Sharma replied, “Freedom is the most important thing needed by a meditator. I shall be happy only when you release me from this prison-like palace. Oh! Emperor, your external facilities do not give me any happiness or satisfaction. I am an emperor of my inner kingdom. You must release me from this palace. Please understand, the forest is my palace, the sky is my roof, and the earth is my floor.”

On hearing this and understanding the mind of the young man, the emperor immediately released him and ordered that he be sent to the same forest from whence he was brought.

From this story, we understand that what is most important for a satisfied life is freedom. One can enjoy this inner freedom by the grace of Guru and God.

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