Guruji, can you describe the fifth dimension and also explain what major conditions would I need to fulfill in order to enter the fifth dimension?

In the interest of the readers, I feel it is better to explain what is meant by dimension. Here we speak of the dimensions of the mind.

Plants have a single-dimensional mind. They know only the ‘here and now’. They are totally unaware of yesterday or tomorrow. They live in the present with their present mental conditions.

Animals have a two-dimensional mind. They know only about ‘yesterday and today’. Tomorrow is unknown to them. They can never think of tomorrow as their mind is not tuned into tomorrow. For example, a dog will recognize a person today because it has seen the person before and the smell of the person which is retained in its mind is recalled by it today. Since it is unaware of the future, it does not suffer from worries and tensions or any of the related problems like heart problems, diabetes, etc.

Human beings have a three-dimensional mind. They know of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Especially, we observe that our bodies and minds are much involved in future-planning, development, progress, gains of desires and so on. This trait of ours is the main cause for our worries and tensions and also the root cause for sicknesses of heart and liver, indigestion, blood pressure, etc. Our intelligence is also restricted to these three dimensions.

However, one who has crossed the state of ‘samadhi’ in meditation, gets acquainted with the fourth dimension. The three-dimensional mind then opens up and one is able to obtain knowledge of the future journey – the “how and when” of the future journey.

In other words, when we disconnect our physical body from our psychic body, our fourth-dimensional mind opens up slowly. For eg: Astral travel is a journey with a conscious mind and psyche. We call it ‘siddhi’ which means psychic mind with ‘dhi shakthi’ (higher will power). In the fourth dimension, we obtain an astral body – an etheric body with soul. In the fourth-dimensional life, our travel will be in the ‘Hiranya loka’. We will live in that ‘loka’ for thousands of ‘earth’ years and yet, it will be considered only a short life-period by those who live in the ’Hiranya loka’ with the wider fourth-dimensional perspective.

Here, I would like to point out that time and space depends upon the magnitude of the mind of the planet with related living beings. In ‘Hiranya loka’ the fourth-dimensional mind will be tuned into a different magnitude and our mental conditions cannot be compared or understood. Our life in the ‘Hiranya loka’ will be lived with a psychic body.

In the fifth dimension, we will live in the astral body along with the soul where only ecstasy is the way of life. In the fourth-dimensional life, more of enjoyments and luxuries are provided by nature itself whereas the fifth-dimensional life will be lived totally in meditation and ecstasy. Yet, individual souls will have certain services to perform for the upliftment of the lower dimensional beings. As we move from the lower dimension to the higher dimension, we have responsibilities and duties to serve the lower beings with love.
A yogi in ‘Hansa’ state will always be in bliss with his fourth-dimensional mind. A good example of this is my guru Hansbaba, who is presently living in Vindhyachal.

A human being living in the fifth dimension can still live on this earth. Such a one is called a ‘Paramahamsa’ or ‘Jeevanmukta’. The great yogi Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa etc. lived in that state.

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