“Even if God could not make it, our efforts and hard work will be rewarded”
- Thiruvalluvar , the great Tamil poet.
Guruji, will you agree with the above remarks of great Thiruvalluvar?

Nothing is impossible for God in this universe. Only to emphasise the importance of efforts and hard work, the poet has spoken so. Your sincere and persistent efforts will bring small benefits. Further if you continue your efforts with in the same manner, relentlessly over a longer period of time, these tiny benefits will enlarge and turn into huge fortunes as millions of drops of water create the flood.

Parents spend so much of their time, energy and money for the sake of their children. They take great efforts, make sacrifices to bring up their children and to educate them. They want to give their children the best education possible. Though they may not afford it, money is no consideration to such parents when it comes to good education for their children. They admit their children in the best of schools even if the school may be situated far off. Some parents do not even hesitate to shift their residence to the towns where their children study.

Best example of relentless hard work can be had from the life of Gandhiji. After leaving South Africa, he continued the non-cooperation movement with the British empire in India. In the early stages of this movement “Satyagraha”, people mocked him. They said that a half naked Fakir cannot face, even for a single moment, the greatest empire which ruled the entire earth. However, hard work and tremendous will power made Gandhiji successful. He understood the emotions behind the Sepoy Mutiny, and learnt the incredible love for his nation from Lala Lajpat Roy and Bal Gangadhar Tilak. The poems of Rabindranath Tagore encouraged Gandhiji to step up his non-cooperation movement. After meeting the stalwarts of the Freedom Movement, Gandhiji jumped into the fray of the Freedom Movement, even risking his life. His efforts were made bit by bit, relentlessly, which finally resulted in securing the Independence for our Nation.

Even though Gandhiji was a Barrister from England, he lived like a poor farmer and fought for the Nation. On many occasions, he said “Until the brothers and sisters of my country do not have sufficient food, I will live on a simple, single meal each day. Until they get sufficient clothes, I will wear a small piece of cloth.” He travelled the length and breadth of the country, walking barefoot on many occasions. These are examples of Gandhiji’s extreme will power. He was unarmed and harmless, and also a smooth and polite speaker. Non-violence and truth were his only weapons. He thus succeeded in creating a silent war with determination. The British Empire could not tolerate his non-violent agitations, and eventually ordered the police to shoot at sight at the Jallianwala Baug, killing thousands of unarmed silent agitators. This opened the eyes of most nations in the world, and they united together to criticize the British Empire, making them feel ashamed of their heinous crime. Thus, the silent war of Independence accelerated, creating vigour and zeal in the hearts of Indians.

We feel that the above efforts of Gandhiji give the right meaning to the words articulated in Thiruvallavar’s poetry. Gandhiji’s non-violence was unheard of in the history of mankind – that which was impossible for any human was made possible – bit by bit – through relentless hard work, with heart given to God and love for his Nation. Here Gandhiji was totally selfless. What a great soul. Alas!!

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