Guruji, how can one deal with the ego, said to be the stumbling block in Sadhana?

Yes ego acts as a stumbling block in our spiritual practices. We all have ego in varying proportions. While living in this world, it is difficult to completely efface it. Yet we must definitely reduce its strength. The extent of a person’s ego depends upon one’s nature or Prakruthi i.e. Satwa, Rajo, Tamo gunas. The more satwik a person the lesser is the ego-possessed. Ego and divinity do not go together. Unless we merge into divinity, egoless state cannot be attained.

It is the by-product of likes and dislikes. An egoistic person is usually found to be self-centred, with no flexibility of nature and no humility. By constantly contemplating upon God, and by developing an attitude of sacrifice (thyaga manobhava), one can deal with one’s egos effectively. Pray to God to help in getting rid of it Do selfless Karma Yoga. Eliminate the doer-ship attitude. Always have a dasya bhava (servant to the Lord attitude). Always rest the mind upon the divine. Soon one shall find a diminishing of ego and also the desires and vasanas. The mind becomes quieter and quieter and purer and purer; and one’s Sadhana gets better and better. Self-realisation is complete effacement of ego and victory over the it is possible for a person who cheerfully and humbly does dedicated Sadhana under the guidance of Guru.

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