Guruji, looking at the current scenario on earth, there is terrorism at its peak, human race is getting degraded, human beings are being treated like animals by their fellow brethren, women and female children are being sold as commodities in the market place, continuous inhumane treatment is being faced by certain sections of people, I always ask this question - Why is it happening? Why can we not do anything to avoid such a situation? One faction’s desire of ruling the entire earth and imposing bigoted rules on the subjects is bringing about danger for all living beings. What can we do to put an end to such happenings?

Ever since the earth came into existence changes have been happening at every moment, at every level, in everything. Newer types of lands, newer types of animals are always emerging. This signifies that change is natural and inevitable.

Just as everything on this earth keeps changing at every moment, so also, every human being keeps changing from moment to moment. The entire earth is awaiting a change. Before any massive change happens there generally occurs a revolution or a war. This has been witnessed in almost every century. After the 2nd World War, our earth has not suffered any major war. It appears to be time for a change now and perhaps a signal for a major war to bring about a better world. A country or a race acts only as a cause or reason. Nature has its own way of bringing about worldly changes.

The entire creation is because of the mind. Mind is an energy which always changes. Let us all hope that this impending war ends in a Peace that lasts a little longer.

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