Drinking Cow Urine

Cow Urine and Indian Tradition

The practice of drinking cow urine has been evolved as a religious practice and treatment method in India since ancient time. Panchagavya, is a holy concoction of five products of the cow, namely milk, curd,  ghee, urine, and dung used in all religious rituals of Hindus and consumed before the rituals for achieving the complete purification of the body, mind and the soul. The Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda has endorsed medicinal properties of cow urine and uses it as an ingredient in many medicinal formulations. One of the modern offshoots of Ayurveda called Cowpathy uses cow urine and its derivatives exclusively for the prevention and treatment of wide range of health problems.

How Beneficial is Drinking Cow Urine?

Gou Arka (Distilled cow urine) and Panchagavya are the two common forms in which the cow urine is used as medicine. The cow urine acts as both therapeutic agent and nutritional supplement. Therapeutic formulations of cow urine are generally multipurpose in nature and provide a broad range of health benefits apart from curing the diseases. The health benefits of drinking cow urine largely depend on the array of components possessed by it and the unique combination of the active components. Presence of rare minerals, enzymes, hormones and vitamins in the cow urine has been established through scientific research and this gives a valid support to its therapeutic and nutritional benefits.

The curative effect of cow urine endorsed by Ayurveda include wide range of conditions like  stomach pain, digestive disorders, constipation, intestinal worms,  leukoderma, psoriasis, dermatitis, anemia, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. In addition to these Ayurveda recommends drinking cow urine for promoting general health and cognitive abilities. Recent discoveries confirming the antibacterial, antiviral and immune modulatory effects of cow urine by modern scientific research have diversified clinical applications of cow urine further. Adding to these facts, confirmation of the superiority of the urine of Indian cows over that of cows of other parts of the world has resulted in a surge on the demand as well as the price of Indian cow urine to greater heights during the recent years. Currently cow urine enjoys pan-India market with lakhs of users and success stories of cure of various diseases and disorders.

The popularity of cow urine medicine has crossed the borders of India and today lakhs of patients follow this treatment for incurable disorders across the world.  Drinking cow urine was looked as a taboo until few decades back but a total turnaround of the public attitude has been obvious during recent years.

Demand for Cow Urine

Drinking cow urine can prevent many common ailments ranging from infectious diseases to chronic diseases and even cognitive disorders and hence recommended by Cowpathy practitioners to a  large section of people at various health risks. This is the major reason for the exponential growth in demand for   cow urine and its derivatives during recent years. This is a real boon to the Indian economy as well as the lives of cattle farmers.

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