My son is not good at studies, my daughter is good at studies, but she cannot study because of eye sight problem. My wife is good person but a bad cook. My office is full of problems. Why do these difficulties occur to me alone?

We do agree with your difficult life. Nevertheless, please note that you can solve all these difficulties easily, if you really wish to do so. Every life born on this earth has to undergo difficulties in one or other way. Difficulties are not really difficulties for it all depends upon the person who takes it.

Your son is poor in studies, it is a truth, but why do you worry about it? Study alone does not make a good human being. Observe your son. He may be having other good qualities like he may be a good artist. If so, encourage him and train him through a good teacher. He will rise to be an outstanding personality and may bring name and fame to you and your family. Why do you grumble that your son is not good at academic studies? Similarly your daughter is gifted with good intelligence. Her eye sight problem can be solved through good eye exercises, which are taught in “Jaya Chamarajendra Institute of Homeo Sciences” opposite to Central Bus Stand, Majestic, Bangalore. Your daughter has to begin the exercise during sunrise and continue it for 3 hours. You have to practice along with your daughter for it is good for you also. Being a father, you must take efforts for the development of your child. She may become an outstanding scientist, in the near future. As you said, your wife is not a good cook. If you go through the scriptures you will find men are the better cooks than women; for example Bheemasena was an unbeaten cook during the period of Pandavas. Even Lord Shri Krishna enjoyed the dishes prepared by Bheemasena and declared that he was the best cook of that period. Even the emperor Nala was an excellent cook. Many women fell in love with him on account of his cooking. Why not you become the best cook in your house, so that your wife will fall in love with you and follow your cooking style and later she will also become a good cook.

Lamenting that son is not good, daughter is defective and wife is lazy, shows your ‘rajasik’ character. A person with the ‘rajasik’ character will be constantly irritated, grumbling, finding defects in others and boosting one’s own ego. This is observed in your question. Now it is time for you to be ‘satvik’. Develop your ‘satvik’ nature. A ‘satvik’ man can be a good leader. He will lead rather than blame. As a ‘satvik’ man, you can view the circumstances positively. Whatever God does, he does for the welfare of all of us. Become a friend to your son, try to find out his good qualities, habits and interests in life. Encourage him to develop his interested field so that you will have no worries regarding your son’s life. If you follow the eye exercise and advice that I have explained above, your daughter can be happy and healthy. She is young enough to regain clear eye sight.. Take immediate steps. Regarding office, remember that you learn by difficulties, hardship gives better experience in life and develops one’s will power. According to me, you have a beautiful life, given by God. He is testing you. Work hard to succeed in the test of God. You have a beautiful future before you.

All the Best and Good Luck…..

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