Desi Cow Milk Advantages

The Desi Cow Milk Advantages

In the olden times, every Hindu family had a cow shelter and a cow that fed the family her nutritious milk. Our forefathers and the ancient scriptures have passed on to us the importance of the cow’s milk, which Ayurveda describes as sweet, cooling and of high nutritious value to our vital organs. Going beyond just its calorific value, our scriptures lauded cow milk for its mind calming properties, its improvement of “Sat Guna” and the positive energy it infuses in humans. Here are some of the physical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional benefits of drinking the Desi cow’s milk.

Physical Benefits of Desi Cow Milk

  • Its sweet taste cools the body and the mind.
  • Enhances Ojas, considered the element that increases body immunity (Ojovardhaka).
  • Plays the role of an aphrodisiac, nourishes the body rejuvenates it and increases longevity.
  • Increases lactation in new mothers, improves digestion and tiredness.
  • Purifies the whole body causing positive thought transformation.

Spiritual Benefits of Desi Cow Milk

  • The Indian cow’s milk is one of the best Sattvik drinks you can have.
  • It attracts divine consciousness.
  • Disperses divine energy waves.
  • Creates and activates the ring of Chaitanya and Shakti.
  • Emits a flow and a ring of Chaitanya.

Emotional Benefits of Desi Cow Milk

Among the three doshas described in Ayurveda, are the Vata, Pita and the Kapha. A person with a Vata constitution will be physically and mentally endowed with the rudimental traits of air and space, making them people of fast thinking and acting characters. A Person with a Pita constituency will show a fiery personality with oily skin that reflects the elements of water and fire. The Vata Dosha and the Pita Dosha represent dynamic energies that transform based on our thoughts, actions and foods. Ghee, made from the Desi cow milk has a calming effect on people with the Vata and Pita Doshas and even sets right the imbalances suffered by them.

Compare Cow to Mother and the Emotions Involved

Surabhi, one of the 5 celestial cows in the Vedas, imbibed heavenly nectar and manifested in the heavenly orbit as a benefactor of all beings created by God. The Indian Desi cows are direct descendants of the Surabhi cow and are characterized by a hump on their backs and the soft skin folds below their necks. Accordingly, we should bestow great esteem, respect and care for them just as we would do for our mothers. All living creatures and 330 million Demigods look upon the cow as their mother and a sanctuary of auspiciousness, so why shouldn’t we?

Their milk nourishes us, their ghee is paramount in sacrifice and their dung and urine serve as acute medicinal remedies for a host of ailments including cancer and their body perfume of Amytis Agallochum fills the air with sweet scents.

And what desi cow milk do we have after our mother’s breast milk- the cow’s milk of course! In other words, the cow is our mother, to be loved, worshipped and cherished at all times.

Importance of desi cow milk and Its High Nutritional Value

Most of the exotic breeds of Western cattle are said to have descended from a wild breed called URUS, that the Germans called the Aurochs. These were cross bred with other breeds and Indian Desi cows, and were then called Holstein, Jersey and F.S. Cows. These are excellent for their quantity and quality of meat, which too is becoming dangerous now due to bone meal and waste Feed given to them. However, these animals’ milk is not consumed, for its poisonous ingredient, Casomorphine, leading to mad cow disease.

The Indian cow’s milk has a high nutritional value, and holds a lofty position among the milk that have health and curative strength against several diseases. These are some of the basic reasons that advise adoption of A2 milk at all times..

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