Decreasing Population of Desi Indian Cows

Decreasing Population of Desi Indian Cows

Decreasing Population of Indian Desi Cows

The decreasing population of Indian Desi cows is proceeding at a suicidal speed, and is leading our nation into putting at risk our food security, jeopardizing the basic formats of our agro-economy and literally becoming a slave of the foreign forces that want control of our A2 milk. We are, inadvertently, helpless bystanders in the extinction of the Vedic Kamadhenu.

The truth of decreasing population of Indian Desi Cows is evident in the census figures taken in 2012, where it showed that the Indian cattle’s population dwindled by 8.94 % as against the cross bred exotic cattle breeds whose population had increased by 20.18 %. In spite of this, unfortunately, the Animal Husbandry Department, instead of trying to increase the population of the Desi Cows by crossbreeding among them, seems to be embarking on retrograde step of importing foreign breeds of cows and spoiling our Desi breed, a step which will set us back in the efforts to promote our indigenous cow, its multifarious benefits and the values it stands for. In spite of all the din and talk about development of the indigenous cows as was earlier agreed in principle by the government, this backtracking does not auger well for our Desi cows and the country as a whole.

The government would do well to rethink the whole proposal and, instead of importing the foreign breeds, do their best to promote the Desi cow, increase their population and save our country from foreign dominance. (Ref. # 1)

Statistics exist that before independence, the British slaughtered 30 Crore cows, and that in 63 years after independence, 75 Crore cows were slaughtered in over 30,000 registered slaughter houses, and how many more unregistered ones, there is no record. In its lifetime, an Indian cow contributes 60,000 Rupees worth of manure as cow dung and urine, and one can calculate the great revenue loss to India, on this account (Ref. # 2)

Other Benefits Arising From Desi Indian Cow Milk and the Gaushalas (Ref. # 3)

We have a lot to learn from organized cow shelters (Gaushalas) about the work done by them to save our Indian cows and provide an infrastructure where the public can participate in their efforts by way of

  • Donating a cow
  • Paying for a cow’s yearly upkeep
  • Paying for the cow’s meal per day
  • Volunteering to work at the gaushala

These Gaushalas also enlighten you on several aspects to do with the cow that can bring happiness to you.


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