Guruji, I enjoy attending satsangas, but I am not regular in daily meditation practice due to my daily schedule. I do my daily prayers and lead an honest and truthful life. I also do some social and charitable work. Why is it necessary for me to meditate? Especially, since I hardly have any spare time, due to my busy schedule.

From what you have said, you are living a good and honest life, doing spiritual and charitable works, and your daily prayers, religiously. If you feel that these are sufficient for you, then you need not do any daily meditation. However, please understand that meditation is not a substitute for living a good and exemplary life. Instead it helps you to live a good and exemplary life. The daily meditation practice has its own benefits. It ensures good living under all circumstances of life where ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ are inevitable. Regular practice of meditation helps you to develop a peaceful and balanced mind, a mind that is in your control, regardless of all external circumstances.

Daily Meditation practice trains you to be happy all the time. It helps you to maintain a happy state of mind even when you encounter difficult circumstances in life. Negativities and sufferings can be removed through meditation. Just like you brush your teeth every day, daily meditation practice is required to cleanse the mind every day. It is advisable to meditate twice a day – early in the morning before begining daily activities, and at the end of the day before going to bed. Always remember, if you put off meditation for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come, and also you may find your interest in meditation is waning. So, take a wise decision and meditate daily for at least a few minutes, twice a day.

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