Guruji, why is the Cow considered sacred in our Vedic tradition? What exactly does the Vedas say about the cows?

Yes, cows have always been revered. Not just in our Vedic tradition but also the world over. Other religions of Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Israelites, Romans, and Jains also held similar beliefs. They are sacred as well as symbols of wealth.

According to Vedas, all Gods reside in the body of cow and it receives auspicious rays from all heavenly constellations. Wherever there is a cow, there is influence of all heavenly constellations and blessings of all Gods. It is said that when cows are pleased by human service, they destroy all sins.

According to our scriptures, cows are the means for sustaining the worlds – Bhuloka, Antarloka, and Brahmaloka. The Vedas say that milk of cow is ‘amrita’ (nectar) and its ghee is the best offering poured onto the sacred fire of ‘yagna’. There are many other virtues extolled in the Vedas. You may evidence the sacredness of cows when you visit our Gau-shala and also experience their sacred power by serving them.

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