Cow Urine Thyroid Care

Why Thyroid Care?

Thyroid care is one of the major frontiers of modern healthcare scenario, as thyroid related disorders are in the increasing trend in our population. Hypothyroidism or deficient production of the thyroid hormones and hyperthyroidism or the overproduction of thyroid hormones are the two major health issues related to thyroid and the cancer of the thyroid gland being the next one in terms of prevalence. The thyroid gland is probably the next to pituitary or the “master gland”, of the human body in terms of its regulatory effects on multiple physiological processes of the human body. Triiodothyronine(T3) and Thyroxine(T4) are the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland. The thyroid hormones regulate several vital body functions like breathing, heart rate, central and peripheral nervous system functions, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, cholesterol levels and many more. Therefore, an imbalance in the thyroid activity either deficient of excess, causes multiple disorders in the body, often manifested by different symptoms among different individuals.

How does Cow Urine work in Thyroid Care?

Cow Urine therapy has been in practice in India for centuries and used as a curative agent for many health issues. Since cow is considered as a  symbol of spirituality in India, cow urine is used as a “holy” medicine for widespread disorders and disabilities in addition to its use in devotional practices. The Ayurveda considers cow as the mother of all entities and hence all the products obtained from the cow as beneficial to mankind in many ways. The products of the cow, like the milk, urine, curd, ghee, and dung are beneficial in different ways as food supplements and medicine. Cow urine or Gomutra has the capacity to destroy the poisonous effects of toxic residues in our bodies generated through the contaminated food, metabolic byproducts of medicines, or passive intake from the environment along with water, food or air. The thyroid gland is highly vulnerable to toxic effects, and this may be the reason behind the increasing cases of thyroid disorders across society now a day. The medicinal usage of Panchgavya and cow urine practiced in Ayurveda is identified as complementary and alternative medicine. According to Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita, the encyclopedia of Ayurveda, consumption of cow urine produces body warmth. Meanwhile, the modern medical science owes body warmth to thyroid hormones. This analogy provides the scientific clue to the application of cow urine for thyroid care. The oral intake of cow urine has been proved thyroid stimulating effect and is reinforced by the therapeutic value of urinary iodine present in the cow urine. The average urinary iodine content in dairy cows vary from 79.2 to 94.8 micrograms per liter and is easily absorbable from the gastrointestinal tract of the human body on the intake of cow urine. Iodine is an essential element for the production of thyroid hormones such as triiodothyronine and thyroxine. These hormones, in turn, are involved in metabolic reactions generating body heat.

During iodine deficiency, the pituitary gland secretes enhanced amounts of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which causes a compensatory adjustment. But this leads to the production of more extensive secretory epithelium in the thyroid gland which in turn will result in enlargement of the thyroid gland and loss of colloid material in the thyroid follicles. To treat this condition exogenous supplementation of iodine is recommended and it brings back the normal thyroid status. The administration of cow urine, which contain a good level of iodine, can replace iodine supplementation and equally effective in sustaining the thyroid gland activity on a better footing. We can get the support of scientific validation for the fact through the experience of warming up of the human body after consumption of cow urine. Thyroid care by cow urine will provide a much cheaper, easily accessible and sustainable alternative to iodine supplementation.

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