Cow Urine Therapy for Cancer

Cancer is a horror and second largest killing disease in the world. We directly feel the increase in the incidence of this dreaded disease with many near and dear suffering around us.  The cause of cancer is elusive. A correct list of causes cannot be charted out as it is a condition of multiple causes and reasons. However, a wide range of risk factors has been identified with cancer.  As the risk factors are wide, multiple, complex and unavoidable in many cases, all are at risk of developing cancer! Similar to the causes, the symptoms and manifestations of cancer also vary widely making it highly difficult to diagnose the condition early and manageable stage even by the modern diagnostic techniques. This makes the cancer cure a challenging task in the health care system.

The conventional system of health care employs chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery as the mainstream intervention against cancer.  Alternative medicine domain in India is dominated by Ayurveda, as it is the ancient medical science originated from the time of the Vedas and continued as an inseparable part of Indian society. Mention and description of cow urine therapy have been traced back to “Sushrita Samhita” and “Ashtanga Sangraha“, where it has been confirmed as the most effective product of animal origin with immense therapeutic properties. During the recent times, few variants of Ayurveda system of medicine have evolved. Among such systems, cowpathy or the science of application of cow products for health care represents one of the popular forms. Cowpathy has demonstrated the medicinal value of cow urine through successful cure of many diseases. The number of users of cow urine medicine has witnessed an exponential growth during the last decade or so.

The cow urine therapy for cancer has been supported by solid scientific back up through the research work and clinical success during the recent years. Chemical components of cow urine have been identified with modern techniques and reported as 95% water, 2.5% urea, and 2.5%   elements, salts, minerals, enzymes, and hormones. This knowledge has generated acceptable scientific evidence to support the medicinal value of cow urine. 

Adequate numbers of experimental evidence on cow urine medicine for the treatment of several ailments have been reported with reliable data. Cow urine therapy for cancer has evolved over the years with many of the leading cowpathy healers confirming successful outcomes of this treatment. The US patents granted for the anticancer activity of cow urine to Indian Scientists have proved it beyond question that cow urine is useful in cancer treatment. The ability of cow urine to tune the body immune system, stop cell damage and death by preventing the formation/accumulation of toxic molecules in the body and its role in repairing DNA, the molecule which directs all the activities of the cells, making it a powerful drug against cancer.

However, the potential of cow urine therapy for the cancer cure is not fully utilized due to inadequate experimental proofs and clinical trials superimposed by the skeptic public opinion as well as the marketing tactics of big drug companies. Therefore, more focused effort from the scientific and medical communities are warranted to overcome these hurdles in order to bring the real therapeutic value of this product to its deserving status. This would help the increasing patient community immensely, as this will provide an affordable and efficient treatment for them.

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