Cow Urine Cosmetics

Cow urine cosmetics are a new range of products derived from cow urine during recent years. Some of the leading brands of natural product based cosmetic product manufacturers like the Patanjali and Sri Sri Ayurveda have developed cow urine based cosmetic products as different formulations and different applications. Analysis of the components of cow urine has confirmed the presence of a miracle molecule called “Allantoin” in them. It is an organic compound present in cow urine and also some herbs. This is a common ingredient in synthetic cosmetic formulations and known to induce multiple effects on human skin which are important for beauty care. Therefore, the cosmetic applications of cow urine are well supported by scientific evidence.

Cow urine cosmetics have potential use in cosmetic therapy in addition to their use as personal beauty care products. The Keratinolytic activity of cow urine is well known and it can be used for the treatment of warts, calluses, etc. Allantoin wonderfully mediates wound healing process by modulating the inflammatory response and facilitating the wound healing through aiding in cell multiplication and synthesis of extra cellular matrix, a nourishing material for growing cells. These processes accelerate the wound healing process.  These findings will support the potential of cow urine cosmetics for routine cosmetic treatments like the removal of post operative scars, bruises, scars of accident injuries, acnes, etc.

Antibiotic property of cow urine is another established fact and is ratified through the grant of American patent. Several therapeutic applications of cow urine based on its antibiotic activity are available. Cow urine distillate and formulations derived from it are widely used for the treatment of infectious diseases and topical applications for preventing or healing skin ailments. This property of cow urine can well help in the use cow urine cosmetics for the treatment of pimples. The Keratinolytic and moisturizing properties of the allantoin present in the cow urine can be utilized for the development of anti-dandruff shampoos, sun screen lotions and creams and cosmetic pharmaceutical products like ointments, lotions, face packs, hair care products, etc.

Cow urine cosmetics possess high prospects as emerging product range based on natural resources. Their application as cosmetic pharmaceuticals is unexplored and would be a value addition for the optimal utilization of cow urine for commercial purposes. The major hurdle in the success of this product range lies in removing the pungent smell of the cow urine. The continuous efforts of several commercial enterprises towards this would make it a reality and direct the journey of cow urine to a better destination.

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