Cow Urine Capsules

About Cow Urine Capsules

Cow Urine capsules are the latest addition to the formulation range developed in Cowpathy. The conventional and early formulations of cow urine such as Panchagavya and Gou Arka have established the efficacy of cow urine for the treatment of wide range of ailments. However, the pungent odor and unpleasant taste hinder its acceptance by the users despite their usefulness. The continued research and development in product development has revealed the loss of efficacy and quality of the original active ingredients in the cow urine during distillation. A novel way of refinement of cow urine for therapeutic purpose, without affecting the quality and efficacy of the active components and meanwhile avoiding the unpleasant odor and taste has been evolved during the recent years. This has led to the emergence of cow urine capsules and cow urine tablet formulations. Interestingly most of the active ingredients of fresh cow urine are getting concentrated during this process, which increases the stability of the components and thereby the shelf-life of the product to a great extent. This is another landmark achievement in the product development of cow urine, as the lower stability of the earlier formulations was a challenge in reaching the products to far and wide consumers across the world.

How are Cow Urine Capsules prepared?

Fresh cow urine of Indian pure breeds tested for quality and contamination if any, and then subjected for vacuum evaporation under optimized higher temperature to make cow urine powder. Comparison of the components of fresh and powdered cow urine showed enhancement of the concentrations of most of the active components of the process. The removal of water content from the cow urine increases the stability of the active components and helps to preserve and enhance the original bioactive properties when compared to the Go Arka and the Panchagavya. Cow urine powder is subjected for efficacy, purity and stability testing at par with the standards of pharmacopeia and then encapsulated using edible coating materials to make cow urine capsules, which is again evaluated for its efficacy stability and shelf-life. Different brands of cow urine capsules are available in the market now.

What are the applications of Cow Urine Capsules?

Standard dosage forms of Gomutra capsules have been found effective against obesity, gastrointestinal disorders or imbalances, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and even mental illness.  A dose of 2 capsules per day is prescribed for the maintenance of general health. Cow urine capsules have also found effective in achieving weight loss as well. The average loss of 1.5 ± 0.25 kg weight has been observed in a month on regular intake of cow urine capsules. Control of blood sugar has been reported through regular of use of cow urine capsules. The development of this product has heralded a brighter future for Cowpathy, as this is at par with standard allopathy medicines with respect to its production, testing, and manufacturing processes as well as logistic-friendly and user-friendly accomplishments. With the success of this product, we can.

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