Guruji on Significance of Cow

Gau Seva is Govind Seva. It is also Guru Seva. Gau Mata is Vishwa mata – the universal mother. Jeevatma of Gau Mata has descended directly from Gau-loka, a higher psychic loka which is closer to the Brahma-loka. In reality, cow is considered more sacred than a human being for she is an embodiment of divine love.

It is noteworthy that the excreta of every other animal has a stinking odor and is abhorred by all whereas the excreta called the cow-dung, is considered a very sacred element. In rural areas, almost on every occasion, cow-dung is used as a sacred purifying agent. Whenever there is a birth in the household or some auspicious occasion, cow-dung paste is spread in the court-yard or house and also cow-urine is sprinkled around the place as a means of sacred purification. When the walls and floors of the house are coated with cow-dung, it protects the people living in the house from infectious bacteria and viruses.

It is described in our scriptures that the water of Ganga is present in cow urine. Just as Ganga water it doesnt get spoilt. Indeed, it has been scientifically proved that it contains natural disinfectant and antiseptic properties and that fresh cow dung kills the germs of malaria and tuberculosis. The milk of our desi cow helps in promoting satvik qualities in one who consumes it. Other cow products like butter milk, curds, ghee and butter are also used by us every day in one form or the other. In effect, our entire life is dependent upon the benefactions of Gau Mata.

At the break of dawn, our cows start mooing…..“ambaaa…”. This sound is the Omkar. It is a wake-up call for people living in the house and also a signal for the Gau-palak to start milking the cow. During the milking process, it urinates. The first urine of the day is collected in a small vessel and stored for daily use. Immediately after milking is done, a mixture called Panchgavya is prepared, consisting of 3 spoons of milk, 3 spoons of curds, 3 spoons of fresh cow urine, 3 spoons of liquid cow dung and 3 spoons of ghee. Panchgavya is an elixir, a divine life-giving product. A teaspoon of Panchgavya should be consumed daily by every person in the house.

For better results, it should be used within 30 minutes of preparation, as was the practice of our ancestors. That is the very reason why our ancestors were very healthy. A person who consumes 1 or 2 spoons of Panchgavya everyday is generally said to be free from all ailments, physical or mental, and it is believed that he may live up to more than hundred years of age. Also, the horn of the Kapila breed contains Gau-Rochana which is a life-saving drug.

According to Ayurveda, by using these various cow products, more than a thousand varieties of medicines can be prepared. This proves that our desi cow is a natural doctor with inherent medicinal values. Our desi cow is the only being on earth which contains the Suryaketu Nadi, found in the hump on its back. The Suryaketu Nadi interacts with solar rays and produces gold salts in the body of the cow. These gold salts which are responsible for curing many diseases, get distributed to us through cow milk and other cow products. Our ancient scriptures state that the Suryaketu Nadi absorbs harmful radiations and thus cleanses the atmosphere. Through this Nadi, our cows receive auspicious rays from all heavenly constellations. The mere presence of these divine cows is a great boon to the environment. When we touch or serve a cow, this energy gets transmitted to us automatically.

To sum up, cow is a divine animal and far superior to a human being. Perhaps due to this very reason, Shri Krishna called himself a “Gau-Palak” – one who serves and protects the cows. It is said that he never tasted his mother’s milk. The only milk said to have been consumed by Shri Krishna is that of Gau Mata. He demonstrated to the world that cow is the most pure, loving and divine being and is the universal mother. Engaging ourselves in Gau Seva is equivalent to being engaged in the service of God. When we serve our cows during early morning, we obtain an abundance of positive energy and our psychic body absorbs it all. This helps energise us and we remain fresh and pure through the rest of the day. A person who serves the cow with total love and sincerity will certainly pass on to the Gau Loka after death and further on to the Brahma Loka. In spirituality, prime importance is given to Gau Seva which is considered equivalent to meditation or Krishna Seva.

In order to save our planet, let’s all unitedly pledge to take care of at least a couple of cows at our homes. By doing so, we shall be securing the future of our children and that of generations to come. By nurturing and saving our cows we shall be assisting in preserving the divine energy, vibrations and life on this planet. Let it be known that as long as these divine creatures,, exist on our planet, life on this earth will be safe and secure.

Let each one of us solemnly pledge to save our cows and our planet through Gau Seva.

The gaus, the brähmanas and the devotees of the Lord are all objects of His special attention because they are very important factors for the general welfare of living beings. (Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.44)

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