Cow Arka Benefits

Cow and its products enjoy a unique and holy status in the Hindu religion and being worshiped since ancient times. The cow is described as a walking pharmacy, as the number of therapeutic components generated from the cow is innumerable. Cow urine is used raw form, processed or formulated with other ingredients for the preparation of several medicinal formulations in the Ayurveda and its variant forms of alternative medical practices like Cowpathy. Cow urine is one of the popular products of the cows used extensively in several walks of human life.  Cow urine applications are plenty. Cow ark is processed cow urine and prepared by distillation of the cow urine.

The Indian medical system, Ayurveda offers rich knowledge on the uses of cow products and the processes of developing formulations of them. Many examples of Cow urine and ark is available in the Folk medicines of Myanmar and Nigeria as well. The medical This process helps in removing the  Cow ark benefits range from treatment of common cold to life threatening diseases like the AIDS and cancer and broad spectrum preventive medicine against infectious diseases. The distilled cow urine is also used as an ingredient in several medicinal formulations and other hygiene products nowadays. Cow ark benefits were not made use of their full potential till recently.

However, several individuals and organizations are making an appreciable contribution towards making use of the potential of distilled cow’s urine benefits to the needy through the development and promotion of value added products like shampoos, floor cleaners, incense sticks, etc. apart from medicinal formulations. A growing demand for the purified cow urine in the market is quite obvious with the rising market trend for the product as endorsed by the major brands like the Patanjali. The cow ark is eco-friendly, easy to access, and can be used for multiple purposes.   Currently, the list of cow urine uses runs up to more than a dozen on several fronts of human interests.

The cow urine ark benefits have been recognized in three broad aspects of medical treatment, such as preventive medicine, supplementary medicine and as an immunomodulant. These effects are well demonstrated through the cure of complicated conditions of the skin such as Leucoderma, Psoriasis, Leprosy, etc., where the mainstream medical practices have not been fully successful.  The cow ark benefits in the domain of preventive medicine deserve special mention. Regular intake of cow ark is known to prevent the attack of infectious diseases like viral fevers, stomach infections, asthma, etc. The distilled cow urine works as a wonderful detoxifying agent and can prevent the side effects of many allopathic drugs including the chemotherapeutic drugs used by cancer patients. Therefore, a large number of cancer patients are using distilled cow urine as a supplementary medicine.

Another aspect of the therapeutic application of this product is in the treatment of autoimmune disorders.  The general immunomodulatory effects of the purified cow urine are well accepted across the healers and the users. Immunomodulators are the compounds or formulations capable of harmonizing the immune response of the body either by stimulating or suppressing the immune system. This is a wonderful activity any drug can execute on the human body, and support the general health and well-being of the individual. The immunomodulatory agents play a vital role in the treatment and cure of autoimmune disorders. The autoimmune disorders are imbalances arising in the body, which mislead the immune system and prompt it to fight against any target tissue of the body. Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, etc. are some of the common autoimmune conditions. Such disorders have no definite cure in the allopathic system of therapy,  as a safe drug is not available to treat them. 

The immunomodulatory effect of distilled cow urine is confirmed through modern scientific research on mice and also several human case reports. This may be considered as the most advantageous among all the cow ark benefits because it can be used against many of the incurable diseases. The cow ark benefits in supplementary, preventive and immunomodulatory therapies have been proved beyond doubt and endorsed by the growing number of users and increased market demand for this product. In the future, cow ark may find a reliable role in the tertiary care of chronic patients, due to its holistic healing powers.

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