Guruji on path to Happy and Contented Life

The path of ‘Dhyana’ (Meditation) will definitely leadyou to a happy and contented life. A happy person is one who leads a healthy and peaceful life. A loving heart with a ‘satvik’ mind receives peace and happiness. Love is the only lamp that can guide you towards ‘self-realisation’. You may choose any path according to your liking or temperament, viz: Jnana Yoga (path of knowledge) or Bhakti Yoga (path of devotion) or Karma Yoga (path of selfless action) or Raja Yoga (path of meditation).

Before you start out on the path, it is necessary to assess your present situation. You often find that each event in your life affects your happiness and health. Even though it is not possible to escape your problems, meditation will definitely help you resolve them. It is advisable that for at least an hour each day, you must leave your outer world and sit down to make a journey into your inner world, through meditation.A meditation practice which is suited to your individual capacity must be set up.

You may start by understanding your present capacity. Since it is very important to prepare your physical body for carrying out any spiritual practices, you may start a routine of proper exercises, breathing and relaxation practices. The best exercises are those that stimulate the whole body. Yoga postures bring flexibility to the body by stretching and stimulating every part – muscles, joints, ligaments, organs etc. They are designed to create and maintain a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Our Ashram teaches practices such as Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga through Beeja Mantra chanting, Yoga postures, etc., which finally lead to ‘Dhyana’. You may adopt any practice which is suited to your temperament or which may be of your liking. All these spiritual practices prepare you for your inward journey. As you practice, after some time you will observe that your body and mind are in harmony, and meditation becomes easy. As you continue with your practices, you will notice your personality undergoing a transformation, and you will experience joy and contentment in life.

Since habits shape our decisions and choices in life, it is necessary to cultivate the habits of meditation and ‘living in the present’. You must definitely make efforts to incorporate the chosen spiritual practices into your daily routine. As your mind turns inwards, your life itself becomes an experience of happiness and contentment, and your spiritual journey becomes effortless as the grace of God descends upon you.

Always love all, live in the present, and dedicate your life to God through meditation and ‘sadhana’. By and by, you will find that fear of the unknown vanishes, you are truly at peace, and proceeding rapidly towards the goal of ‘self-realisation’.

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