As the kundalini travels from one chakra to the next, does the nature of the Sadhaka change? If so, why?

Kundalini travels through the six chakras. The lower chakra correspond to the Panch-Bootha i.e. the five natural elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky.
We have seven chakras of which Mooladhara and Swadhisthana are very close to each other. Their characters merge which each other. If a person has the first chakra active, i.e. the Mooladhara Chakra, he or she shall possess the qualities of Earth. The person will be rigid, unable to move or think quickly and will exhibit a lethargic character in every action. He or she may be overweight, may overeat, sleep more, think less and may be satisfied with whatever comes in life. These qualities must have been observed in many people.

A person whose kundalini rests in the Swadhisthana Chakra, will take on the qualities of Water. He or she will have a wavering mind, will be interested in the opposite sex and will be unable to take decisions. Such a person will always try to target two aims with one shot, and may fail in life. However, like water, he or she can adjust to circumstances and will flow with nature.

The third is the Manipura Chakra, which has the quality of Fire. When this chakra is active, a person exhibits leadership qualities. Fire is the most important element in nature and can burn everything to ashes. Likewise, such a person absorbs every difficulty in life and faces life as a challenge, treating difficulties as stepping stones to success. He or she may not be a good spiritual practitioner, but will be a good sportsperson, or a police officer, or an army commander, or a leader in any walk of life.

The fourth is the Anahata Chakra which has the quality of Air. It has the capacity to absorb and spread everywhere, like the smell of a place is absorbed and spread to other places. Air represents love. When this chakra is active in a person, he or she becomes an original thinker, with emotions and feelings, a person who “lives and lets live”. Generally artists, painters musicians, researchers, etc., involved in their own world but have love for others, are found to have such qualities.

The fifth is the Vishuddhi Chakra, which has the qualities of Sky. When this chakra is active in a person, he or she will be living a life of total detachment with society and will always be in meditation. He or she will be devoid of all attachments or negative character traits. This is the stage of realization of a real yogi, which is better experienced then explained.

The sixth is the Ajnya Chakra. This is a divine chakra which raises one above the level of a human being. Only after realization can one attain this level of chakra. The person is then considered a realized soul, a living Buddha, living for the betterment of others.
The seventh chakra is called Sahasrara. It has the characteristics of all the six chakras so far explained. It integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities.
Meditation provides us with the opportunity to cleanse and clear the Chakras, and enables the Kundalini to rise gradually. From the above, we understand as to why it is necessary for a person to continue with spiritual practices, for it helps one to change for the better. Every person, at every point of the spiritual journey, shall undergo some change. It is indeed the order of the nature and mind.

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