Benefits of Indian Breed Cow Dung

Several factors are responsible for the superiority of the Indian cows over their American or European counterparts.

The Indigenous hump backed Indian cow is way ahead in all aspects to the American Jersey and the dominant European sub species, the Taurus for the following main reasons. As per Captain Ajit Vadakayil , a specialist in this subject, the Indian hump backed cow’s dung is by far the best in quality, and pancake like dried cakes made from it are used exclusively in the ritual of the Agnihotra fire of which the only other ingredient is pure ghee.

Authoritative discourses in videos by Shri Rajiv Dixit further reiterate the underlying important facts:

  • The Indian cows are mostly immune to diseases like the “Mad cow disease” or more precisely, the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) that is both infectious and incurable, and affects the nervous system and the brain of bovine varieties like the Jersey in the US, the Guernsey breed in the UK and the Holstein varieties.
  • One main reason for the superiority of the Indian cow in general, is the nutritious vegetarian herbivorous feed given to it, unlike their American and European counterparts that are fed on (MBM) or Meat and Bone Meal, prepared from the waste of other cattle. This goes against nature. Eating such infected cow meat is affecting those consuming it as well, which is why; the Americans and the Europeans prefer the unspoiled Indian cow’s meat.
  • Shri Dixit further explains that, while most of the Indian cows undergo natural insemination and have a high immunity system, the exotic cow types in the US and Europe are artificially inseminated, another factor leading to their weakness to immunity. Moreover, Indian cows can withstand being reared even up to 18,000 feet above sea level, which the exotic varieties cannot bear.
  • From the above, you can infer why the Indian cow’s dung is also superior to the others.

Siddarth Nair, in his presentation on the Benefits of Cow Urine, explains that this product contributes to several human benefits like working as an antidote against cancer, heart and skin diseases, musculoskeletal and male sexual disorders, hypertension and Aids and other body conditions.


However, other than the agricultural use, cow dung and urine are considered as very sacred in Hindu mythology for preparing a product called “Panchagavya”, using it along with three other cow products, namely curd, ghee and milk. It also has many medical benefits, especially the urine component in it, which is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat skin disorders, several types of cancers, breathing disorders and much more.

Consuming Panchagavya regularly leads to enhancement of longevity, strength and Prana, by removing the inherent disorders of the mind and the body. Panchagavya finds further credit as an antioxidant in cleansing the body of poisons, correcting food addictions, including the craving for alcohol and tobacco, acts as a deterrent against environmental pollution, adds strength to your immune system and also helps to remove blocks in your arteries.

Why it is Necessary to Increase Gaushalas to Acquire More Cow Dung and Make the Soil More Fertile

Gaushalas or cow shelters mainly contribute to the welfare of the cows. Other than that, the gaushalas promote organic farming by using the cow dung and urine collected from the sheltered cows. Bio-pesticides as well as Bio-fertilizers are by-products of cow dung. Use these bio-products and you will see how the soil fertility gets a new lease of life. Set up units for processing Cow urine and dung in such gaushalas, and implement scientific methods to turn the cow dung and urine into a compost of high quality.

A visit to the largest gaushala in the world, “Godham Mahatirth Anandvan Pathmeda” and its thousands of affiliate smaller gaushalas, giving shelter to over a 100,000 cows, located in the Jalore district of Rajasthan state in India, is indeed an unforgettable experience. One should encourage the establishment of such gaushalas all over India, to provide cows with a shelter give them natural treatments against diseases and accidents, process their dung (Gobar) and urine, make Jeev Amrut and Panchagavya, and generally propagate cows as a source for integrating organic farming in this country. A video presentation about the World’s Biggest Gaushala by Manu Kang Published on 3 Mar 2012 makes interesting viewing.

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