Guruji, What is Self Realization?

Guruji, What is Self Realization? Self-realisation is an essential requirement for all human beings. Whether we achieve it in this lifetime itself, or we take many more life-times to achieve it, depends upon how we use the basic intelligence, bestowed upon us by our Creator. The desire for Self-realisation is inherent in every human being, […]

Guruji, what is the difference between Tantra and Yoga?

Guruji, Tantra and Yoga are both essential steps for achieving spirituality. So, how are they different?Can Tantra be practiced by common people? Tantra and Yoga are two diametrically opposite spiritual practices though they have the common goal of achieving Self-realization. Both are techniques that are used by spiritual aspirants. The main difference between the two […]

Guruji on Being Attentive to Life

Guruji on Being Attentive to Life Living spiritually means living attentive from moment to moment. Be mindful of every action, right from the time of waking up until when you go off to sleep. Many a time you may find yourself rushing through life without being conscious of the present. There may be times when […]

Everybody has a different idea about duties and responsibilities, about waking up and sleeping, about utilising their time, etc. How can we bring about peace and domestic harmony in our house? Please advise us, Guruji.

Guruji, we are a family of four – husband, wife, and my two adult teenaged children. We are all cooped up inside our two bed-room flat, during this lockdown period. Sometimes our tempers rise, we get irritated with each other and quarrels erupt. It is as if all our negative qualities are coming out into […]