Cow urine therapy for cancer

Cow Urine Therapy for Cancer Cancer is a horror and second largest killing disease in the world. We directly feel the increase in the incidence of this dreaded disease with many near and dear suffering around us.  The cause of cancer is elusive. A correct list of causes cannot be charted out as it is a […]

Medicinal properties of cow urine

Medicinal Properties of Cow Urine Indian cow and its products have been innate components of the Hindu civilization since ancient times and still maintain inseparable relation with the Indian culture. Apart from the divine status, the cow has been considered as a source of food, medicine, fertilizer, etc. by the Indian society. Medicinal properties of […]

Uses of Cow Urine

Cow Urine Uses Cow Urine Uses Cow urine is a unique product with multiple uses. Benefits of this invaluable resource were not tapped to its full potential till recently, as cow urine uses are found only in the Hindu rituals and Ayurvedic medicinal formulations. But efforts of several individuals and organizations who got convinced with […]


[cmsms_row][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_text] Dear Readers, As promised in my last article, I shall try and write to you about my understanding of Baba’s Paravaani prasaad. Baba explained as to how a Yogi always sees through his inner eyes. “In general, we all see this world through our eyes. But a Yogi dwells in an inner state […]

How to Do Agnihotra?

Materials for Agnihotra How to do Agnihotra? The Process of Agnihotra. The process of doing agnihotra has to understood very clearly before starting the agnihotra practice. Once understood clearly one has to just follow a fixed routine with discipline to reap its benefits. Things that are required for practicing Agnihotra. 1) Copper Pyramid Vessel. 2) […]