Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Whenever I meet few people, I feel I have seen them in the past somewhere. I feel an attraction, an affinity, whereas with some people automatically I keep distance, I get disturbed. Why does this happen?

As human beings, we have a body, which operates upon five senses. All these senses are working on a central power station of the psychic body. The psychic body is like an electric grid, through which power is transmitted to all senses and organs of the body. This energy flow is known as bio-electrical energy. This energy has got polarity, negative and positive. The whole psychic body contains a network like a spider web, which is known as Nadis. These nadis are divided mainly into two parts. One part is full of negative energy (female) and the equally opposite side is full of positive (male) energy. So, the entire system is balanced between the magnetic fields of bio-electrical energy bodies of male and female. It is just like the attraction and repulsion of magnetic fields of the North and South Poles.

Suppose you are a satvik person with more of positive energy (male energy), whenever you meet a person male or female with more of negative energy with a satvik flow, your male body of energy will be attracted. It is law of attraction of opposite poles as in the science of magnetism. So, we are human beings having magnetic attraction of our own. This attraction exists not only in human beings but can also be found in animals and plants too. A creeper will select only that particular plant to creep up, whose magnetic attraction suits each other. This is revealed in the story of “Androcles and the Lion.”

“Androcles was taking care of a wounded lion cub in his youthful days. Later in his life he became a soldier and he was captured by the enemy king. The enemy king sought to punish him by making him the food for his lion. He was thrown into the lion’s den but the lion did not kill Androcles, instead the lion licked him and took care of him. All who watched this spectacle were surprised by the lion. This shows that even an animal and man can live with Love, Peace and Harmony; when there is attraction in their psychic body magnetic fields.”

Attraction between human beings is due to the inbuilt electro-magnetic fields in their psychic bodies. Intelligent astrologers, who correctly read the magnetic flow of different planets positioned in the horoscopes, can accurately tally the horoscopes for the purpose of fixing marriage alliances. Our psychic energy does not perish. After death, it leaves the physical body and goes on to a higher dimension. Our inner bio-electrical energy grid finally gets energy from Atman alone. That is the reason why the realized ones are always attracted by all living creatures on this earth.

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