Whenever I meet few people, I feel I have seen them in the past somewhere. I feel an attraction, an affinity, whereas with some people automatically I keep distance, I get disturbed. Why does this happen?

Yes. All beings have different types of minds Trees and plants are rooted to the earth and do not move. So, God has given them single-dimensional minds. They do not have brains and their minds exist in the form of vibrations and waves. Compared to animals and other creatures with brains, trees do not feel much pain.

Animals and birds have minds that are two-dimensional. This allows them to move, to run around the earth. These beings think of yesterday and today, but they do not have ‘jnana’ or knowledge. Since they have brains, they feel pain, happiness and despair more that the trees and plants.

Man on the other hand, has a three-dimensional mind. He is more intelligent than the animals and because of this he has thoughts of yesterday, today and tomorrow also. He also has an abundance of knowledge. Man has an intelligent mind. If this mind is used intelligently, then it is possible to live happily. Unfortunately, more often than not, man fails to use his mind intelligently and in the bargain becomes unhappy and miserable. The mind is the reason behind all experiences of joy and sorrow. Apart from the mind, man also has a special feeling known as ‘Ananda Sthithi’. God has given this special feature only to man. Should man be aware of this phenomenon, then it is possible for him to turn his life into a success.

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