Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji Dev Baba

Guruji on Life and Atman

In the spiritual world, the greatest confusion lies in knowing Life and Atman. If one understands what exactly “life” is, then the major hurdle on the path is crossed. Inner journey becomes easy once the Sadhaka understands what “life” is. Also, he can tally this with his own experience.

“Life” is always alive and contains Universal Consciousness (Chaitanya). Along with the Universal consciousness, it also has intelligence, consciousness and mind power. Sum-total of all these is “Life”.

Remember that we have “life”. Some millions of years ago, we were born somewhere as single cells. With this “life” we have travelled, life-time after life-time, perhaps covering millions of life-times. Today we are in this human life. So our life today has every record of our past life, with good and bad Karmas. Every action and attraction of ours has a strong root in our past life. We are always travelling from life-time to life-time with continued actions and reactions of likes and dislikes from our past life–times. We have within us the potential energy of the past life, the kinetic energy of the present life and the wisdom to implement our actions. Our Potential energy flows through our “Panchendriya” or five senses and converts into Kinetic energy or Kriya-Shakthi. This energy is what I am today. Energy of life is derived from a single point and that is “Atman”. Finally Atman is within every energy cell. Try to make your today the best. Today means actions of the past and yard stick for the future. Today gives you everything. Today is the real truth. Try to live only in the today and your tomorrow will be great and will shine forth like a golden light.

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