Asthma Treatment

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic ailment affecting millions of people in the world. The term asthma refers to a broad set of symptoms arising out of the disorder and dysfunction of the respiratory system, leading to breathlessness and wheezing. The causes of asthma may be varying but allergic asthma dominates all the other types of asthma in its prevalence in the population. The increased level of environmental pollution is a factor that enhances the risk for development of asthma in human population and makes asthma treatment a challenging task in the healthcare system. Innumerable drugs and modes of treatment have been developed in the conventional allopathy for curing or managing the asthmatic symptoms. Treatments with steroids is more common in treating severe and chronic asthma among the patients. However, the side effects of such treatments would lead to long-lasting damage to various body organs like the liver, kidney, etc.  Therefore, options for treatment modes without side effects are well received among the patients during the recent years.

Cowpathy in Asthma Treatment

Cowpathy has emerged as an alternative medicine during recent years and is an approach with similarities to naturopathy and Ayurveda. Cowpathy utilizes the curative properties of cow products like cow urine, milk, ghee, curd and dung for treating various ailments.  Panchagavya and distilled cow urine or “Gou Arka”  are the commonly used medicinal formulations in the Cowpathy. Cow urine therapy has been proved successful in the treatment of Asthma by the Jain’s cow urine clinic. Several testimonials of cured patients present the live examples of the success of this approach for asthma-treatment. Cow urine is acting as an effective agent in reducing the internal inflammation of the respiratory tract and minimizes the associated disorders like a cough, sneezing, wheezing, etc. Unlike the allopathy medicines and steroid drugs, Cowpathy formulations provide long-lasting respite from the asthma-associated problems. Apart from asthma, Cowpathy has written its success stories in curing wide-ranging human disorders like flu, sinus, allergies, colds, infections, eczema, tetanus, and even serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS and so on.

Why Cowpathy is Effective in Asthma Treatment?

The cause and severity of asthma are complex and difficult to be assessed and addressed. The causes can be genetic, as a secondary effect of other physiological disorders, or allergic reaction against environmental factors including temperature fluctuations, exposure to cold weather, etc. Inflammation of the respiratory tract is the primary symptom associated with asthma and is often turns worse due to infection by pathogenic bacteria. Cow urine as well as Panchagavya have been proved to be anti-inflammatory and antibacterial through advanced research and even endorsed through patents. Hence the curative property of Cowpathy on asthma is undisputable and its success in asthma treatment is quite obvious through case reports and testimonials. The second factor which adds to the potential of Cowpathy products for asthma treatment is the immunomodulatory activity of the products. This will definitely help in tackling allergic asthma by preventing the relapses of asthma on exposure to changing environmental factors like the temperature and to the allergens. The broad-spectrum healing properties associated with the Cowpathy products, especially the Panchagavya, have fetched world-wide recognition to this domain of healing science!

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