How can wisdom be destroyed by anger?

Desires crop up when thoughts about the senses arise. Anger follows desire very closely. That is why anger is aroused when desire is not fulfilled. This is deficiency of the mind. The person’s mind entangled in this becomes ignorant. Ignorance leads to illusion in the memories. Illusion destroys the power of knowledge. With this, he slips from his normalcy and becomes lunatic.

The path of Self realization perishes in the rage of anger, just like a lit lamp is put out by a strong wind. If a blind man is forced to drink liquor and run, he will go astray and collapse frequently. In the same way, if knowledge perishes, the person reaches a condition of births and rebirths. Therefore, a Sadhak should be careful to remember that negative impressions, desires, ambitions and anger should not get stored in your mind. In a peaceful and tranquil place, where there is no force of wind, the lamp that is lit will never flicker. He, who has a stable intellect, will steadily enjoy the Bliss and will be in the state of Samadhi.

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