Guruji On Ahimsa Is Universal Love

Ahimsa is translated as non-violence or non-injury, but that is only a limited meaning of the word. Ahimsa is much more – it is non-violence towards all beings and creations – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Though considered the most evolved creation of God, man is the only creation that commits horrible crimes against other creations of God.

Take the case of the helpless animals – cruelly butchered for their meat. The little chicken, cow, goat and other birds and animals, how tender and loving they are! Killing these innocent creatures to appease man’s taste-buds, isn’t it the worst thing man can do? Even youngsters who have been brought-up in traditional values and culture, when they go to cities to earn their living, succumb to peer pressure and change their eating habits. Beware of this trait in youngsters.

How cruel is man to destroy ‘prana’ of an animal just to satisfy his taste-buds? Is it possible for man to infuse prana or life-force into a dead creature? Then how can he take away the life-force from one of God’s beautiful creations. Every creature on earth is an embodiment of Love. Despite the ability to discriminate unlike other creations of God, why does man ignore the suffering of innocent creatures? No matter how insignificant a role one has in this act, every single person instrumental in bringing the meat to the table of meat-eaters, is guilty of the act of killing.

Even the desire to eat meat is a violation of the basic right of living, for the innocent creatures. For meat-lovers, meat served on a plate may seem appealing, but the fact is that in the process of killing a pulsating life, terrible suffering and agony has been caused to it. This suffering and helplessness, generates toxic emotions within the animal, and the resultant meat becomes tamasic food. Also, negative karma is evoked for the ones involved in the snuffing out of the sacred life-force. Hence, it is important for each and every person to share this knowledge with the ones who commit this crime, out of lack of knowledge or awareness.

In order to be completely established in non-violence one must give up meat-eating, and become a complete vegetarian. Do not kill to sustain your life. The fruits of meditation can only be gained by a human being who is a pure vegetarian. Ahimsa is not just non-injury or non-violence. It is way of life that promotes non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds. Ahimsa can be achieved only through a strict discipline of the body, mind, and ‘atma’, and it should be applied universally.

Ahimsa is a quality of strong human beings. As you continue to practice Ahimsa for some months, when you gain control over your body and speech, negative thoughts will die one by one. Through the practise of contemplation and meditation, the mind becomes calm. Through constant practice of Ahimsa in thoughts, words and deeds, one gains immense strength. Once a person is established in Ahimsa, he attains all virtues. Ahimsa is love, and all hate melts in the presence of love.

There is no power greater than Ahimsa. Its power is infinite and should be practised by one and all. He who wishes to realize the Truth must practise Ahimsa. As you undertake to practise Ahimsa, you may encounter many difficulties, but do not give up your practice of Ahimsa. Trials and hurdles come your way only so that you may test your strength. There is a hidden power in Ahimsa which protects the ones who practise it, and eventually leads one to Universal Love.

Ahimsa teaches oneness and universal brotherhood. Non-violence cannot be practised by the weak. It can be practised only by the strong ones who turn their lives into living examples of universal love. It is not enough to eradicate thoughts of revenge and hatred that arise in the mind. It is not enough to control the physical body and speech so that one does not utter harsh words or injure others. What is more important is to take on a pro-active life where one can protect the creations of God through dedicated practise of Ahimsa in all spheres of life.

All creations of God are sacred, yet the Cow holds a special place in creation. Our ashram has been engaged in the protection and preservation of these sacred creations of God, since over two decades. With the intention of propagating the sacred mission – that of spreading awareness amongst the young and the old – in rural as well as in the urban areas of our country – we have brought forth the beautifully choreographed dance drama – VISHWAMATA GOMATA.

This poem in dance depicts the situation where human indifference to fellow creatures and to the ecosystem causes untold sufferings to the once-golden-land and its people. The realisation, the turning around, the subsequent veneration of Cows, and how it results in the regaining of the lost wellness of the people along with the revival of economic prosperity in our golden land is well brought out.

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