A2 Milk

A1 and A2 Milk

Milk is alike in appearance with its characteristic white color, creamy upper layer, and mild sweetness. But a lot of difference exists in milk at the molecular level! Cow’s milk has been categorized into two based on the form of a key milk protein called casein. This protein is made up of 209 amino acid subunits. Casein exists in two different forms called β1 and β2. Some breeds of cows produce milk with the β1 form of casein while some others produce milk with β2 casein. The milk containing β1casein is called A1 type of milk and that with β2 casein called as A2 milk. The two forms of caseins differ in one amino acid subunit at the 67th position, with β1 having histidine and β2 containing proline. In fact, A2 milk is the original form of milk and the A1 milk is the result of some mutation happened among the cow breeds of Europe and America. But these breeds are promoted among the dairy farmers across India during the last few decades, considering the higher yield of milk by such breeds.

However, recent knowledge gained on the nutritional aspects of milk at the molecular level has confirmed the fact that desi breeds of Indian cows produce the A2 type of milk. But the realization at scientific level happened too late and by the time, few precious cow breeds turned extinct or reached the verge of extinction and few generations of Indians have lost their health and fitness to the consumption of A1 milk produced by imported cow breeds or crossbreeds derived from them.  In the midst of the growing risks of diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders and cancer among the public in India today, it is the right time to explore and implement all possible preventive actions against these disorders. Consumption of A2 milk would definitely act as a firm step towards prevention of multiple disorders related to human metabolism.

How does A2 Milk steer human metabolism?

The A2 milk has miraculous power in modulating human metabolism, avoiding the risks of diabetes and allergy towards milk and milk products. The β1 casein  (present in the A1 type of milk) yields an intermediary metabolic product called β Casomorphin – 7 (BCM 7), which plays havoc in human metabolism as it is associated with multiple disorders like diabetes, irritable bowel disorder, heart diseases, neuromotor disorders, autism, etc. The A2milk does not carry these risks and bestowed with a high level of immunomodulatory abilities which makes it a boon to human health. The knowledge gained on these facts has made the public to opt for the A2 milk even at a premium price.

Who all need A2 Milk?

Everyone needs A2 milk!  It is a “Natural nutraceutical”, boosting the physical and mental health of people. A2 milk nourishes every age group providing the right choice of nutritional and health benefits. Among infants, it boosts the immune system, imparting long-lasting effects on the general health of the individual in future life. The children can gain advantages like improved memory, cognitive abilities, physical growth, immune functions, and safer metabolism. Among the youth A2 milk acts as an immunomodulant and ensures safer metabolism. The middle-aged population can get benefited from the A2 milk, as it acts as a fitness mediator and anti-aging agent. Making A2 milk as part of the daily diet can provide various health benefits to the senior citizens, besides contributing to their physical fitness and cognitive abilities. In addition,  the A2 milk acts as a “Memory guard” for the aged population.

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