Guruji, Should we Try to Get Rid of our Desires?

Worldly wishes give rise to bondage and unhappiness. There is no end to material desire. The more we wishes, the poorer one becomes. It is the shedding of wishes that brings forth richness and freedom. A man who wishes nothing, experiences total freedom. The scriptures teach us about the ‘purusharthas’ or purposes of life: artha, kama, dharma and moksha. Kama refers to the desire for pleasure, sensory gratification and comfort. It is important for us to develop ‘viveka’ – the power to discriminate in the matter of desires. Evaluate your different wishes, and see which ones serve you, and which are the ones that cause pain and suffering.

Begin the practice of yoga and daily meditation. As you proceed you will realize that Kama is an intermediary goal in life which is required for the manifestation of moksha or liberation. As you continue with your spiritual practices, you will realise that all sensory input is food – food for the mind or for the body. Just as nutritious food is better for the body instead of junk food, so also, the intake of proper mental food allows one to progress steadily on the spiritual path. So, desires that act as ‘junk’ food on the path of spiritual progress, should be eliminated. Examine the mental foods that are being consumed and evaluate which ones serve you the best in achieving your final goal – Self-Realisation.

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