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There are various activities in which people can volunteer themselves at Surabhivana. These activities include maintenance and the upkeep of the gaushala and its premises. If people are fond of cows, they should know what are the things required for the healthy environment for cow, or in other words, for a healthy cow. Gaushalas are the shelters where cows live. A good care of gaushala must be taken in order to protect the cows from any sort of disease. People can do cleaning of the gaushala on the regular basis and keep a watch on insects or other pests, so that the cows can live freely without any disturbance. Other activities which one can do as a volunteer include Tree plantation, landscape irrigation etc. Tree plantation is necessary for trees provide oxygen and greenery to us. It is also useful for the cows while grazing. It needs only two to three men to plant a tree in gaushala. Saplings will be provided to the persons interested in planting them around surabhivana.

landscape irrigation – By land irrigation, we mean the irrigation provided to fields, plants, trees etc. by way of drip irrigation and sprinklers. If people have a little knowledge of it, they can easily volunteer to help in doing this job. They can perfectly look into the maintenance of irrigation facilities. Small but important jobs like checking the pipes, if there is leakage or not, is useful. Filters can also be cleaned and faulty or affected pipes can also be changed. All these things are necessary and can only be done by people expert in this job or in other words, those who have knowledge about it.

Cleaning of the gaushala – Cleaning can include collecting and removing of cow dung, cleaning the roofs and walls, removing cowebs, collecting waste around gaushala and keeping it clean.

Feeding the cows – People can volunteer to help during the feeding time of the cow. They are free to feed them with anything, provided that it should be safe for them.

Painting the walls – People with basic skills can opt to paint the gaushala. Paints/brushes shall be provided by the gaushala free of cost to interested volunteers.

Bathing the cows – Cows needs to be bathed thoroughly once in a while. Volunteers can choose to bath the cows and brush them with oil to keep their skin healthy and tick free.

People can also contribute by doing several other jobs as per their liking and capacity. And for this they are even allowed to stay at the gaushala for limited period of time. Food, shelter and other necessities shall be provided for free of cost during their stay.

So, if you feel an obligation for society, join us in order to volunteer in different activities for the welfare of the cows.

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