What is Agnihotra?- The Science behind Agnihotra

The vedas the ancient indian scriptures has a process which is solution for pollution. this process has been received by many countries. the country of peru and Venezuela has given their endorsement for this process. To find a solution to pollution we have to look at the bigger picture which starts from the solar system. then we look into the biosphere, the earth, the continent , the country the state an then each and every individual.


The scientists over the years have conducted nuclear explosions in the solar system. This tampered with the basic atomic structure . in the process they took the neuron out of an atom and put into another. When this is done the whole pattern of life of the atom is disrupted. So right from the core to the whole of our being, everything is altered .

When this happens a lot of artificial elements are created which dose not fit into the natural order of things. Therefore tremendous catastrophes takes place. It is very obvious that the mother earth is not behaving the way it used to behave. All the elements of nature is disrupted to the core.

Years back when the NASA scientists travelled to the space they conveyed a message that the earths atmosphere is engulfed in heat. This s a very toxic situation. The issue of global warming is more severe than ever expected. Icebergs as big as a size of a state is melting, islands are sinking and it is a dire situation. The situation of pollution is at an alarming rate today. Because of the polluted atmosphere we have elements that normally does not bond, are bonding with each other and creating new elements. There are innumerous respiratory problems all over the planet and people are clueless as to what to do. Anything that we inhale through the nostrils directly affects the mind. Hence this viscous cycle has to be looked into carefully. Here is where Agnihotra comes in. It means purification through the agency of fire. Fire is the only element with the property of changing all other elements. When it does that those energies go up to the solar channel. So these energies are spread throughout the cosmos. All the elements in the human body consists of the cosmos. Hence our body is conducted with these energies.

In this ancient science it talks about man, microbe flora and fauna. If anyone of those are affected all are affected.

As being the most intelligent species humans are supposed to be the caretakers of nature. But we have forgotten our this basic duty.

The processes of agnihotra is based on the circadian rhythm of nature. Agnihotra gives us the opportunity to put nutrients back into the earth’s atmosphere and nurture it. This is fecilitated because of the ingredients used in Agnihotra.

The main ingredient is desi Indian cows dung. The benefits of burning Indian cows dung is numerous. Cowdung is the foremost thing in this planet which resists radioactivity.

Infact the Russians used to smear cowdung on their spaceship to ward off the radioactivity. Just by merely inhaling the smell of cowdung it starts to heal you internally. It has immediate affect on the pathogenic bacteria.

The second main ingredient, the desi Indian cow’s ghee also has unbelievable qualities. Scientists have found out that it is the only substance that can carry nutrients unto the lower space, middle space and upper space and collect them and bring them back down and disperses it.

The sanskrit mantras uttered during agnihotra has tremendous vibrations on the atmosphere. Something special in the human anatomy that resonates. When it resonates it creates a sound that duplicates the sound that comes from a part of you. Because of this it creates a healing affect around you immediately. This healing atmosphere has been tremendously helpful in heart ailments, drug dedication, Stress management.

Also it benefits the plant life. It makes the plants more tubular so that it extracts more nutrients. It makes the soil composition a lot better. It put everything back to its natural order. This way the harmony is back in place.

Even the ash residue is anti radioactive. When put in any contaminated water it purifies it in 3 days.

Hence it is clear that there is a solution to pollution. The polluted solar range and the changed elements can be purified and reset by this simple fire ceremony called agnihotra.

Agnihotra Facts

In an experiment after doing Agnihotra, the heart rate showed a declining trend, body temperature was raised, GSR (Galvanic skin response) remained significantly higher, ECG (records the electrical activity of the heart) showed DC shift in base, EEG showed constant changes, power in Alpha band increased, while there was a tendency of suppression in delta power.