The Kankrej are a Indian breed of cattle originating from the district of Kankrej in North Gujarat. They are also known by various other names – Bannai, Nagar, Talabda, Vaghiyar, Wagad, Waged, Wadhiar, Wadhir, and Wadial.

The Kankrej are dual purpose breed of Gujarat, highly prized as fast, powerful draught cattle and are also fair producers of milk. This breed is resistant to tick fever and shows very little incidence of diseases. Considered to be one of the heaviest of the Indian breeds of cattle, they are also very active and strong. Agricultural operations and road transport in the villages are mainly carried out by bullocks of this breed.

It is relevant to note that the animals of this breed have been exported to Brazil, certain Latin American countries and also to the southern states of the USA . The Guzerat breed of cattle that has been developed from the Kankrej cattle in Brazil are very similar but darker, bigger and have longer horns than the Kankrej. They also have good heat tolerance and pest resistance.

Characteristics :-

  • They have broad foreheads, slightly dished in the centre with large, pendulous and open ears.
  • They have strong lyre-shaped horns, covered with skin to a higher point than found in other breeds.
  • Their colours vary from silver to gray to iron gray or steel black.
  • Their forequarters, humps and hindquarters are darker than their barrels, especially in the males.
  • Their hair is soft and short and the switch of their tail is black.
  • They have short faces with the slightly upturned noses.
  • Their legs are shapely, balanced with small, round and durable feet.
  • Their skin is of medium thickness, has dark pigmentation and is slightly loose.
  • The males have well-developed humps though not as firm as found in some of the other breeds.
  • The dewlap [folded skin in the neck region] is thin but pendulous and the males also have pendulous sheaths.

Surabhivana houses a total of 18 Kankrej cows.

Indian Cow Facts

Guzerat cattle is a Breed found in Brazil developed from Indian Kankrej