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Indian Cow Milk benefits – A1 milk vs. A2 milk

Devil in the Milk

Among the Indian cows, the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Research, has selected only 5 main species belonging to the Zebu breed of the humped cows as the best milk yielding native varieties-Sahiwal, The Red Sindhi, Tharparkar, the Gir and the Rathi, and they had a 2 Beta content Casein of 100 %, whereas, other breeds could show only 94 % and the exotic Jerseys and the HF could come up with only 60%. Pure desi Indian breeds of cows yield 100% A2 milk, which contains A2 protein, which offers no digestive problem, unlike the milk of other cows that contain the A1 protein that not only digests differently, but causes discomfort to many who are intolerant to this protein.  Technically speaking proteins are broken down to peptides, which are normally broken down to amino acids. This is true in the case of A2 milk, but the peptide released by the A1 milk called BCM7 cannot be broken down to amino acids, and therefore, cannot be digested, for which reason, it has earned the name, “Devil in the Milk

Several authors and websites subscribe to this view

It is indeed surprising that the Americans, in spite of living in the world of the highest advanced technology in the world, remain among the most unhealthy people, mainly due to their intake of A1 milk, the distribution of which is shrouded in a conspiracy of foreign milk producers not to educate the general public on the pros and cons of A1 and A2 milk

The Desi cow’s milk is nature’s perfect food, with a bevy of useful nutrients including Carbohydrates, Proteins and micronutrients of high quality. Proteins form a 95% content of milk and exist as Caseins and Whey proteins. Among the 12 variants of the most abundantly available beta Caseins, A1 and A2 are the most prominent However, they differ in their amino acid position 67 due to a single nucleotide that endows the A1 Casein with Histidine (CAT), while the A2 Casein has CCT or Proline, that makes the A2 milk resistant to human disorders, like asthma, obesity, mental problems and the like.  .On the other hand, A1 Casein’s proteolytic digestion ends in the generation of beta Casomorphine 7 (BCM7) that is a bioactive Peptide. Moreover, its high Omega 3 content removes the cholesterol from the blood vessels and an ingredient called Cerebrosides that enhances brain power and the Strontium in the A2 milk increases body immunity and provides protection against radiation.

Linkage of Diseases with Drinking A1 Type of Milk.

The A1 and A2 beta caseins in milk differ in different breeds of cows and the A1 beta caseins, unable to be broken down further for easy absorption as amino acids, enter the bloodstream through leakages in the guts and this leads to many serious medical conditions including coronary heart disease, Type I diabetes, and the like. (Ref. # 1)

The A2 milk produced by the humped Indian cow is good for health, while A1 milk produced by the hump-less western cow is toxic for health. The indigenous Indian cow’s milk has more minerals and micro-nutrients, for example, cytokines, where the Magnesium to calcium ratio is 10:1 (against the human body requirement of 2:1) and this helps improve the immune resistance, unlike the hump less breeds that have very little to offer as nutrients in their milk. (Ref. # 2)


Ref. # 1:  Truswell’s hypothesis in an article compiled by him “The A2 milk case: a critical review,” (http://www.nature.com/ejcn/journal/v59/n5/full/1602104a.html) for the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2005) 59, 623–631. doi:10.1038/sj.ejcn.1602104

(Ref: No. #2)    http://ajitvadakayil.blogspot.in/2013/07/nutritious-a1-milk-of-vedic-cows-with.html).

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On the eve of family occasions like gruhapravesha, birthday, weddings, anniversaries, you can donate a day’s food expense for the cows. Gau-mathas will confer their blessings on you and your family